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Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Aug 07, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2008

I had my 'don't get your hopes up' glasses on as I delved into the world of Ash and I walked away after sitting down in one sitting (all 700-something pages) and was completely happy with this book. When I say happy, I mean, it couldn't have been written better. I will admit I really loved the look back into his life. A character with flaws is perhaps the most beautiful thing. Understanding a character that has appeared as such a strong man in so many of this series' books was enough for me to thoroughly love it. Flaws and all, he is perhaps one of my favorite characters of all time.
The second, present day, part was good, not so much amazing, but good. Good enough for the character I truly adore. His heroine, is who I was rooting for, and someone I think, in my opinion, suited him very well. She complimented his darkness with her brightness. She complimented his jadedness with her a down to earth sense that people as a whole are just messed up. It's admitting that and still loving yourself that is the key.

I have one more week before school starts and I wanted to read a book to remember, for I sure won't have the time for the next four years, I could NOT have asked for a better book. Kenyon came back to her original greatness with this one and I can't even begin to describe how lost in her world I was, and how I never wanted to be found.

This would def. go on my list of all time fav books. So complicated, dark, yet a brightness at the end that was realistic. The world wasn't perfect, the ending wasn't perfect, but it was a bright spot in Ash's life. You knew things were far from being 'happily ever after', but you can walk away from the book knoiwng that the main characters will be there for one another. No matter how tough the world is, it's the people around you that help you through.

Loved it. Can you tell?

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Lisa Lap Ooooh - my copy hasn't arrived yet but you are making me so anxious for it to get here. I'm so glad to hear she didn't screw this story up. His story is so pivotal to the entire series that I was really worried about it could possibly turn out well without ruining the series completely. I'm glad to read that you loved it.

Now I really can't wait. As if I wasn't anxious enough for it...

Vaughn lol sorry. I think you'll like it. I picked it up yesterday and thought 'hey, I'll wait for this weekend'. Then I sat down and bang, 12 a.m. and I was done. So good. I really like how she developed him. She goes into alot of detail and you finally get a good grip on Ash. Who just may be, one of favorite 'characters' of all time.

Seriously, I need to stop reading these books, I'll get WAY too picky with guys and I'll end up spinster..just reading more! lol

Lisa Lap So excited!! My younger sister keeps calling me with OMG - I LOVE HIM! I got her hooked on this series and Ash has always been her favorite. Of course her ex-boyfriends name is Torey so the heroine's name threw her for a loop.

Vaughn lol you remember Tory don't you??? I was excited and happy about that too...

Lisa Lap Oh yeah. I remember her - she was in that stupid first dream hunter novel. I had a sneaking suspicion it would be her...

Vaughn me too.. I liked that she wasn't persay a knock out, more a book worm :)

random..but you MUST read Anna Windsor's new series...VERY good.

Lisa Lap you and your awesome recommedations will be the death of me yet - but in a really good way. ;)

Vaughn lol good la petit morte..good. lol I think you'll enjoy the Windsor series, it's again different, but I'm hooked and she's only two books in. The third book will come out and I'll forget to get it to read later b/c of I'm trying to remember the good ones, so you'll read and remind me. :)

See, evil plans are brewing.

Lisa Lap Aha- I knew you were up to something. ;)

So what's next on your must read list before school takes away all frivolous fun?

Vaughn ummm Ash's WAS the I wanted to start to read the Twilight, but I just won't have the time (still hasn't finished my homework for school in a week). Carolyn Jewels-My Wicked Enemy is the next one next to my bed. So I'm guessing that'll be it. I'll probably go to B&N one last time this weekend and pick some more up.

Any recommendations are welcome. :-)

PS if you like romantic suspense-read Pamela Clare

message 11: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Lap Twilight would be a good one and it's a faster read than you would think for the size.

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