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Provex City by Michael  Pierce
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Mar 15, 2012

really liked it
Read in March, 2012

Strange is the first thought I got with this book. The prologue got me confused a bit and doubting my mind. That’s a first. Now it’s true the story can seem very complicated at the beginning, even overwhelming. However, when you enter more and more in the universe it starts to make sense and you make some guesses about what is happening. You have to keep reading even when you get the feeling that’s a bit too much, really after page 200 all become crystal clear. That’s about the plot itself. Like the characters you have to think about a new world of possibilities.

Now the characters, Oliver is a young boy not sure of himself at all, and being bullied isn’t helping. He envies his brother without really knowing him because they are different. Jeremy is popular and confident. He is a bit bothered by his brother but when it’s needed he also can be a protective older brother. This duality will be explained but that’s sure that at the beginning like Desiree I didn’t appreciate him.
Desiree is a girl that seems to be always happy and welcoming but when you see past the appearances you can see she is also fragile, hurt and has secrets. I liked her even if I had some difficulties to understand how she acts with her boyfriend Eli. And they are some mysteries as why is she as good as Oliver with the “other reality” things.
Anna, it’s not that I dislike her but I absolutely hated how she acted with Oliver and at the shopping mall.

So the beginning of the book is more mystery than fantasy for me but the plot is interesting when you get over the confusing part. I will be waiting for book 2 because the end is a small cliff-hanger and you want the answers to “why”. At the end of the book, you understand the base of the story but it’s really a series and not a stand alone. Many questions are left unanswered. Now that we have some knowledge about the universe, it will be easier to immerse ourselves in it I think. So i want more^^.

I loved this book but I admit that I had to go past my first impression; it’s really in the end that you enjoy it the most. It’s an interesting and intriguing first book. A good book to recommend to the ones who like: science fiction, fantasy and of course YA.

A warning: there are mentions of adolescent’s suicide and abuses of alcohol.

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