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Last Shot by John Feinstein
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Mar 15, 2012

March 15, 2012
Last Shot

The plot of this book seemed to move along slowly…and then it got to the point where it seemed almost impossible to put down. Stevie Thomas, an eighth grader from Philadelphia, was one of the Winners of a USBWA competition. The other winner? A tall, extremely pretty and intelligent southern girl named Susan Carol. The prize for winning this competition was a trip to the Final Four in New Orleans and the winners received a press pass to the series of games. The problem/conflict in this story was when Stevie and Susan were wandering down a place they shouldn’t of been and overheard a man who worked for the team, telling a player, Chip Graber, that he better lose the Final four game to Duke or else his and his dad Coach Graber would lose their careers and all of the games they won that season would be forfeited. Stevie and Susan would go on to try to figure out a way to help Chip Graber solve his problem. This plot seemed to be very believable but there were some parts that were a little questionable like when Stevie and Susan tell a security guard they are Chip Graber’s, Minnesota State University’s star players, cousin and his girlfriend. Dumbly believing them, the guard lets them by and they walk right up to Chip Graber’s hotel room door. The beginning of this book seemed to be rather boring but once closer to the middle it was very entertaining and kept you right on the edge of your seat.
I could relate to these two main characters a lot because they both had a love for the game of basketball. The author did a great job developing these characters as the story moved along. At first, Stevie seemed to be a very quiet and shy type of person especially around Susan Carol but then as the book continued, his sense of humor seemed to show more and more and had me laughing constantly. Susan Carol on the other hand was a very talkative outgoing person who had great manners and knew how to talk to the coaches, writers, sportscasters, and players even better than Stevie. Whenever Stevie and Susan needed to get by someone, Susan would just use her polite manners and her southern accent and the guard or whoever was in their way would let them by. This skill didn’t seem to work very well for Stevie and he always seemed to be asking for help or backup from Susan.
This author seemed to have a very interesting style of word choice and voice. He used modern day terms that the normal eighth grader would use and say. I would have to say that this author has the best style I have ever read so I would give his style a five star rating because he uses lots of metaphors and examples while also using real stats and non-made up things for the teams, players, names of sportscasters, and others. The author also uses humor and comedy throughout this book.

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