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Huntress by L.J. Smith
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Mar 15, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2012 , read count: 2

** spoiler alert ** Haven't read this since sometime last year and something made me want to reread again. Jez and Morgead are so cute together. And the story was believable, despite it being fantasy. I absolutely loved it!

So here's the story: Jez is a 16 year old vampire who is in a gang with 5 other vampires. They kill humans for fun and because they think humans are vermin. In the first chapter Jez has a flashback of her childhood, when she was 3 or 4, of her parents getting murdered. Her uncle told her vampire hunters killed her but she realizes that vampires really killed her parents. And that is when she finds out that she is really only half vampire.

She leaves her gang since, she can't kill her own kind anymore, and goes to live with her aunt, uncle and two cousins, Ricky and Claire.

One year later:Jez also became a vampire hunter which causes her to constantly break curfew and her aunt and uncle are fed up. And her cousin Claire is pissed because Jez always get away with it and she promises to find out what her cousin is up to.

Jez also joined a group called Circle Daybreak which is like an organization of Night World people and humans who just want everyone to be friends basically. She befriends a guy around her age named Hugh, who she constantly says she loves but believes that he doesn't feel the same way. Hugh is an old soul which just means that he has be reincarnated many times and he is a rare old soul because he remembers his old lives.

Anyways so Hugh tells her about four people called Wild Powers. The Wild Powers basically are the key to stopping the Apocalypse and the Council wants to kill the Wild Powers. So Jez's job is to rescue one of the Wild Powers and bring them back to Circle Daybreak so Circle Daybreak can protect them. There's only one way to get the Wild Power because there is only one person who knows where the Wild Power is. She has to go back to her gang more specifically her best friend and sort of enemy.

So Jez skips school and goes to Morgead's. She battles him for her spot back as the leader. She wins and Morgead drinks her blood since some blood has to be spilled in order for her to really be the leader. Morgead does and they realize that they're soul mates. Morgead keeps trying to get her to open up to him but she doesn't want to because she thinks that he'll kill her when he finds out that she's human. They have a mental argument and he stops biting her.

So anyways she makes up a lie about Hunter Redfern wanting the Wild Power for himself and he believes it. He shows her a tape of a little girl in a burning building and the fire just dies out of nowhere. Her gang comes in and they're happy to see her. Her and her gang go to the apartments to where the little girl is. They kidnap her and try to test her to see if she really is the Wild Power. They light something on fire to get her to use her power. She is so terrified that she jumps off the three story balcony.

Jez rescues her and Morgead comes to help her. Morgead erases the little girl's memory and him and Jez have a little moment. Jez finally decides to give into him being her soul mate. The other gang members walk downstairs and Jez and Morgead take the little girl home.

When Jez gets home, her aunt and uncle are so mad that they take away her bike. Jez meets with Hugh the next day at the train station. She realizes that Claire followed her. They are attacked by two werewolves and a vampire. Jez and Claire almost get run over by a train but they are saved by the blue magic of a Wild Power. (She thinks that Claire is the Wild Power). They end up getting kidnapped and she wakes up to find herself in the back of a van with Hugh, Claire and Morgead. She ends up telling Morgead that she is half human and is with Circle Daybreak. They get out of the van and find out that Lily Redfern, Hunter Redfern's last living daughter, kidnapped them with the help of one of her gang members.

So Lily is trying to figure out who is the Wild Power. They almost stake Jez and that's when Jez realizes that she is the Wild Power. She uses her power to vaporize (literally) all the bad guys. And at the end her and Morgead end up joining Circle Daybreak.
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