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The Candidates by Inara Scott
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Mar 15, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: pain-to-get-through, read-in-2012, young-adult, death-by-love-triangle, paranormal
Read in March, 2012

This book was terrible and a complete mess. While the premise was very promising: girl discovers she has powers and is sent to a mysterious, all-exclusive boarding school - it continually fell short of delivering.

I found the book dull and uninteresting, and the supposed "heroine "was maddening. Every female character who isn't Dancia is portrayed as either a villain or annoying. She chooses to dislike people for indiscernible reasons, and treats her friends terribly. She claims that it's because she's "different" and tries to blend in. The author tries to give Dancia more sympathy points by having her bemoan that she's never had any friends and alienates herself because of her "power", which leads to her wearing nondescript clothes and doing stereotypical tomboy-esque things. Girls who do otherwise in the novel, such as Allie, who is - gasp! A *cheerleader*! Of all the terrible things to be! - are, as I said before, portrayed in a negative light. I was a tomboy growing up, and still am, and cheerleaders and their whole crowd do not sit particularly well with me, but the way that the author wrote it so that everyone fell into their identified stereotypes was just ridiculous.

More infuriating was that Dancia was so in looooooooove with Cam that she let all of her decisions be based on her eternal twu wuv for him. *eyeroll* I was getting really irritated of clogging through page after page of Cam said this, Cam said that, I love Cam, Cam is perfect - it was like Twilight all over again. So much for building a strong female protagonist. The only reason that she is attracted to him in the first place is Cam's good looks - this is frequently stressed, although the author attempts to add in how Cam is kind, caring, and understanding - to be honest, I found it all a little creepy(view spoiler)

Let's not even begin on how terribly Dancia treated her friends, even Jack, who was the most interesting character. The moment that Cam said something about Jack, Dancia completely forgot her friendship with him and let what Cam said dictate her actions. (view spoiler)

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Perfect review.

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