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Velveteen by Daniel Marks
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Jun 14, 2012

it was amazing
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How do I begin? First off, about the's just a little misleading. Bonesaw is AWESOME. And Velvet most assuredly has plans in her afterlife journey to make the despicable Bonesaw’s life a living hell. Don’t get me wrong. But this is only a side-plot in a most bodacious story about an incredibly built world living parallel to our own. PURGATORY is about to get into a kick-ass melee that can either spell the end of Earth, or, if Velvet Monroe has her way, the end of a few ill-meaning revolutionaries!

So, yes, Bonesaw is a focal point in Velvet’s story. Absolutely! And a fine one, at that. He’s a menacing serial killer with a penchant for cheese graters and knives. He’s a horror-ific delight! And Velvet secretly traipses between purgatory and our world with malignant intent in order to make Bonesaw suffer, while at the same time attempting to rescue his potential victims. And this is a wonderfully delightful plot-line in Velveteen.

But there is SO much more going on! And it is good. It is fantastic. Purgatory’s inmates are getting restless. They mean to invade our world and takeover our bodies. They mean to live again. Forever. As the revolution winds up, Velvet is in the forefront of the fight against it. This angry little girl is most assuredly spurred on by the passion built out of her life being stolen from the wicked, wicked man she calls Bonesaw (Fantastic name, by the way!). The injustice done to her makes her the queen of her peers. Her team is the best at what they do. And what they do is cross between that loosely veiled world of purgatory into ours…and save souls. So when Purgatory residents decide to invade Earth and live anew, it is Velvet who steps up to the plate to put a wrench in their works.

When certain evil elements in Purgatory plan an exodus, all hell breaks loose. Bitchy, loveable Velvet and her kickass team of avengers will do whatever it takes to put an end to the uprising. This is what Velveteen is really about. The fact that Velvet’s own dispute with Bonesaw is interwoven into this fantastical story is just pudding on the cake. Er…or icing on the whipped cream. Er…or the reader having their cake and eating it too.

Oh, what a wonderfully delightful read this was! I can’t say much more without giving away what happens, but I will say this: DANIEL MARKS is a king of description and detail and world-building! I SAW Purgatory…in all its wondrous, shabby, darkly festive glory! I saw it! He did such a wonderful job creating this world…it makes me want to call VELVETEEN a dystopian, but of course Purgatory is just an ethereal curtain away from our own world. At the onset of Velveteen our world is still in one piece, so a dystopian Velveteen is not.

Ooh…the graphic violence so well told in this tale! Truly a delight. The sassiness that is Velvet. The show-offy hotty, Nick, who was her forbidden love interest. The children sidekicks—the adorably hostile Luisa and her cranky, gas-addicted brother Logan. It was all a delight. Marks is a master at what he does. Velveteen was exquisite with humour and horror and romance and grit. This is a MUST read.

Velveteen truly is an extravaganza. The whole time I ‘walked’ the streets of Purgatory, I silently prayed that TIM BURTON would not only pick this book up…but fall in love with it. Dear Mr. Burton…please use your movie magic to recreate the splendidly frolicking world of Purgatory on the big screen. I’m begging you!


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