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How I Made It to Eighteen by Tracy  White
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Mar 14, 12

When I first started to read this graphic novel, I wasn’t that into it. As I kept reading, I wanted to learn more about Stacy Black. She is a seventeen year old teenager who has a nervous breakdown and ends up smashing a window. From the way the graphic novel portrayed it, I almost thought she jumped out the window, but then she was alive in the next panel. Stacy checks herself into a mental hospital in hopes to get help for her problems. She struggles and has been struggling with body issues and self-esteem since she was a little girl. While in the hospital, we find out more about her life before the breakdown. She has a boyfriend that I feel doesn’t was to be in the relationship anymore. Her mother is distant and doesn’t really understand her. The fiends she has don’t really talk to her anymore besides one she made when she admitted herself. She has been to boarding school and has struggled with cutting and bulimia. Once she goes through therapy sessions and group therapy, she opens up about her issues. After 24 weeks and 24 hours, she is discharged because she has improved a lot according to the Doctor who record her progress. I feel as if she could have gotten better without being admitted into the hospital. She seemed the same throughout the stay at the hospital. I didn’t see a difference in the way she acted or felt from the beginning to end. The only difference I saw was that she openly said, “I have to change,” a panel before the graphic novel ended. I liked the book to a certain extent. I didn’t’ love the book, but I didn’t hate it either. The art in this book was different than other graphic novel I have read. It wasn’t as detailed. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to read about people being admitted into mental hospital.

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