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The Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler
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Mar 14, 2012

really liked it

Fern will never pass for normal again...

Looking for a vampire book that doesn't have corny love scenes or no love scenes at all? Check out The Otherworldlies!

Here, we have a protagonist who tries to fit in, or at least be invisible, although she can't help her strange habits, like climbing trees and perching on their branches. Things pick up when she is suddenly transported to a beach where she finds the first clue to the past that has been long kept secret from her. With the help of her popular twin brother and this girl named Lindsay Lin, she slowly discovers who she really is and how she fits in this plot to rule the world.

The things I REALLY like about this book:
1. The references to Greek mythology blended with vampirism
2. The McAllister family except the mother and including the dog and some of the other good guys
3. The flow of the story

Fern wasn't that bad of a protagonist. She has her whiny and selfish moments but she IS a kid and you can understand WHY. At least she's WAY better than Bella. Fern cries but she DOES something.

This book isn't a must-read and probably will fade from your mind eventually. But it is worthy reading and using your precious time on.


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