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Black Magic by J.D. Tyler
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Mar 17, 12

bookshelves: paranormal-romance
Read on March 13, 2012

2.5 stars = pretty good for those who are already Alpha Pack fans - The sorcerer who can shift into a black panther, Kalen, senses that "something wicked this way comes" and heads out to protect Mackensie who is enjoying a Girl's Night Out. Mac is the Alpha Pack doctor and the woman he wants but doesn't feel he deserves - the woman who is just as attracted to Kalen. Kalen's magic comes in handy when the threat that has been setting off his spidey senses turns up, but with more trouble ahead, a need to bunker down in a safe spot until they can call for help puts Kalen and Mac alone and in close quarters and then the real magic occurs.

First off, this is not really not actually Kalen's complete story, he isn't going to get his 'real' turn until book three and Black Magic is a really short story (another reviewer said about 60 print pages.) The story here is sort of a preview of coming attractions for those like me who were really intrigued by Kalen in the first Alpha Pack book, he was mysterious and vulnerable and a shifter who can do magic - how cool is that - but Black Magic is so short that those new to Tyler's series are probably not going get that same sense of him here. The setup of the story is decent and there is some steamy stuff but there is no chance to savor the pay off since Kalen has some big issues. I'd have probably been okay with this Kalen quickie if there had been just a little bit of an opportunity to bask in the 'afterglow' of Mac and Kalen's hook-up, but his speedy retreat kept this from being entirely satisfying for me - hence the half a star drop to 'pretty good'.

As just a little nibble of a story which provides a bit movement in Kalen's thread without giving a good feel for him or the framework of the Alpha pack and their world, Black Magic is not going to give those not already familiar with all of the above a good feel for the series. And as much as I hate to mention it, price does matter. I didn't downgrade my rating for this but I am taking it into account in recommending it to those new to the series and since Black Magic is so short it's a better deal to give the first book a shot if you are at all interested in Tyler's Alpha Pack.

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