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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
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Jul 05, 12

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One of the main reasons I had enjoyed Clockwork Angel was because the romance, although present, wasn’t a main part of the story or at least it didn’t take over the story that unfortunately or fortunately (depending on what you are looking for) changes in Clockwork Prince. The love triangle that was only showing signs of starting in the first book, with Tessa being oblivious to Jem’s feelings and Will doing whatever he could to scare her off him, changes in Clockwork Prince and becomes the main focus while the plot surrounding the Magister takes a back seat.

By the end of Clockwork Angel it’s pretty obvious that Will has a secret, a secret that is behind the reason he always acts so callous and brash towards the people closest to him and I won’t tell you what the reason is but in Clockwork Prince Will seeks out the help of Magnus a warlock, who I had enjoyed reading about in Clockwork Angel, to put a stop to what’s plaguing him.

On the Institute side of things, the Clave has charged Charlotte with the duty of locating the Magister and if she doesn’t find him in a specific amount of time she will be replaced as Head of the Institute, an action that could leave Tessa out on the streets and unprotected. Not only does Tessa have this to worry about but she still thinks about her brother, Nate, who betrayed her as well as her growing feelings for Jem and the mixed signals she’s getting from Will.

If I thought Clockwork Angel was character-centric then Clockwork Prince is even more so. We get to learn a lot more about Will’s past and why he became a Shadowhunter and Jem finally shows a side that isn’t always calm and put together. We even learn a little more about the Magister and the reason behind his hatred of the Shadowhunters which shows these policemen of the Downworlders may not be so angelic after all. There is also a lot of mystery behind what Tessa really is and why she was created and at the end of Clockwork Prince we still have no idea what she is and with all this anticipation Cassandra Clare is building up it better be worth the wait.

I didn’t love it as much as the first book, Tessa was too fickle for my tastes, but it was still a fun read and I can’t wait for Clockwork Princess to be released.

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