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Unwanted Mate by Rebecca Royce
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My Rating: 3.5 stars - Liked it - recommend (B+)

Want a quickie? Decadent Publishing’s THE EDGE series is just what the doctor ordered! Unwanted Mate is less than novella length - a short story, at only 4,000 words. It’s more of a vignette than plot-driven book.

The tale revolves around an alpha shifter, Gunther, and the human who is destined to be his mate, Judy. They both know the mating is there, yet - she avoids him, and he waits patiently so as not to push her away forever. Gunther’s break happens one night after Judy witnesses a friend die. She comes to him for comfort, knowing she will walk away with much more from the evening than hot sex.

Unwanted Mate is a romantic, sweet, albeit extremely hot encounter between Gunther and Judy. The story is their initial sexual encounter. It's hot, but I wouldn't classify it as erotic. The reader is treated to both Judy and Gunther’s POVs, and we are party to the seeds of romance bound for a happily ever after.

Honestly, the story is so short that it's hard to write much. There was no time for deep character or plot development, but the emotions in and purpose of the story comes through to the reader, regardless of the length. Really, there wasn’t need for much else -- it works. If you want to escape for a few moments (and can get past the names Judy and Gunther), give Unwanted Mate a go.

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