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Interrupted by Rachel Coker
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Apr 05, 12

really liked it
Read from April 04 to 05, 2012

Interrupted: A life beyond words, by Rachel Coker is a stunning portrayal of Allie’s life from daughter to orphan, from a steeled heart to growing up in a new world.

I must say: wow. This book had depth beyond the fourteen years of Rachel, her age when she wrote this story. The year is 1939 and at thirteen, Allie is her mother’s carer. Her mother — her only parent — has a brain tumor, which alters her moods. If that’s not hard enough, Allie feels ridiculed for having an “insane” mum from other people in town.

Sam is the closest boy she has to a friend. They’re opposites in many ways but they connect — something Allie is reluctant to admit, but grateful for.

Days after Allie’s fourteenth birthday, her mum loses her battle with cancer. Allie is taken away to someone’s house, Miss Beatrice. She can’t take her cat. Most of her possessions must be left behind.

Interrupted: A life beyond words follows the subsequent years as Allie grows through her teenage years. She clings onto the memories from when she shared tender moments with her mum: poetry, piano, the stars. Her adoptive mother, Miss Beatrice is a kind, accommodating person, but Allie wants her mum and wants to go back to her real home — Miss Beatrice’s house has never felt like her own.

Sam arrives back in her life one day and Allie, who’s repressed love from other people, is faced with more choices. As she hangs onto her past, her chance for love slips away. World War II rattles her town, and the world around her. Devastation is everywhere.

This novel is a perfect weekend read. Rachel takes you into this war era, where struggles are daily chores. Allie is a troubled person who blocks out the people who mean the most

to her. As the story developed I found myself hoping she’d realise how her “blocking” was only hurting her more. (I won’t spoil with a yes or no hint.)

This story is also about finding faith in God, which can be one of the hardest things, especially for Allie who’s had much tragedy in her life.

Interrupted: A life beyond words is a novel I recommend to Christians, teenagers, and those needing to find meaning, those trying to find their way.

Recommended read!

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