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The Awakening by L.A. Banks
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Mar 15, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: black-fantasy-authors, demons, interracial-romance, lots-of-romance, more-tension-than-sex, minoritiy-characters, multi-pov, urban-fantasy, vampires
Read from March 13 to 15, 2012

I enjoyed this... I would say this gets more of a 3.7 stars.

Why not 5 stars:

--- The rap and spoken word irked me.... and I love rap and spoken word!! But just a little of it... not pages of it... a few significant lyrics is all I needed.

--- The long ass explanations! Wow! Some of the explanatory dialogue went on for pages and pages and pages... I started skipping.

Other than that this was an absolute improvement from the first book.
There was NO Excessive high-fiving or Dap
There was conflict and no ridiculous cliffhanger.

Will I read book 3?

HELL YEAH!!! (Kenya high-fives all that read this review!!)
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03/13/2012 "Oh god. I'm only going to give this series another chance becuase five readers that i respect love this series..... so I am reading this series to figure out.... if in fact I have five friends who have a drrug problem (especially Damali and Deva) OR are these books good...." 2 comments
15.0% "groan** I freakin like this.... Now I'm worried that perhaps I've lost some brain cells from two years ago when I hated Minion (Book one in this series) to now..."
58.0% "Fine...this is crack... I'm freakin enjoying this."
89.0% "I'm struggling between giving this a 3 or 4. I like this though."

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Erica I have a good friend who is reading this series with me well and we are on this book. The first one was soo slow and annoying at the beginning that I almost quit but it's picking up so far. Still not a great book to me but I really like the storyline if you get over the kinda "ghetto book" scenes

Kenya Wright Yeah @ Erica! The first book had "excessive high-fiving" "Lots of ghettoness!"

This book is good. I will say that I just hit a scene were Shabazz and the other guys have been conversating in paragraphs of dialogue. I feel like the author could have showed all of this or gotton us to know this information another way... but... I'm still entertained and enjoying the book!

Damali I love when they sit around and talk. Some serious knowledge is dropped, and all those action scenes make me exhausted, but they're good. And just wait until the loves scenes start...

Kenya Wright OMG! There was a rap scene! I'm taking a star away from this book for that!!!!!

But yes... this is really fun!

message 5: by Devlin (new)

Devlin Scott LOL

Damali Kenya's a little...restrained, but it's okay. We'll have you high-fiving total strangers by mid-series. :D

Kenya Wright lmao! You are a very sick person! I must say that there has been no high-fiving in this book! Thank god!
With that first book you would think all black people did was high five each other!

In fact... (Kenya high-fives everyone on this comment section) Sorry I just became overcome with the need to give all of you dap... you know its just in my blood.

message 8: by Alicia (last edited Mar 14, 2012 07:59AM) (new)

Alicia With that first book you would think all black people did was high five each other!"

Don't we? Hmm, maybe I should stop that then . . .
My boss did look at me a little strangely the last time.

Kenya Wright lol@ alicia

Damali I do think Damali washed her dreads way too much though. :)

Kenya Wright lmao!!!!! @washed her dreads way too much!!

Damali I don't know what you have against rap music...I guess you'd feel better if she was a pop star. :) Damali does leave that behind as the series unfolds, but not completely. (And that's not a spoiler!)

Banks is very thorough and I love that. The next book is 100 times better. I forget which book Satan and Lilith are introduced, but I love them!!

@hair washing. She did!

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