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Gilded Cage by Alexandra Richland
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Mar 13, 2012

really liked it

"The Gilded Cage" is a short story set in Seattle against the backdrop of an Alternative Music Festival. The setting is important, for the weather and the context in which the characters find themselves magnify and reinforce the narrative.

I don't want to sketch the plot for you because that would spoil the story. However, I can describe it through three words: splendour, ecstasy, and sadness.

Miss Richland writes well. This tale whetted my appetite for more of her writing. I was drawn into the story and into the lives and minds of the characters, which is difficult for an author to accomplish in a short story. She didn't sate my curiosity or all my unanswered questions, and for that I respect her. It's better, I think, for an author to trust her/his readers and to allow them to come to their own conclusions about the character's motivations.

At .99, this story is less expensive than a bar of chocolate and the reaction inspired will last much longer. I'm still thinking about the characters and wondering what they are doing now ... And there's a particular Seattle band I'm tempted to reacquaint myself with.

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Autumn Splendour, ecstasy and sadness - indeed... *sigh*

Laura Downloaded & added to my growing TBR list. Thanks for the recommendation!

Sylvain Reynard My pleasure, Ladies.
Thanks for your comments. I'm sure you'll enjoy the story.

message 4: by Squallogal (new)

Squallogal Why must you write reviews like this? It's so unfair. My "To Read" list is extensive. This new addition... well lets just say I am blaming you.

It's your own fault if I don't get around to reading GI2 straight away (whenever you release it). Your a bad man feeding my addiction.

Squally *huff*

NB: Any negative comment is tongue in cheek, for those who do not know me. I like, admire and respect SR... he's the very best of the "bad man" type. Of course I will drop everything to read the sequel to Gabriel's Inferno (to be released hopefully soon) as I am NO FOOL.


Pamcampbell bigapple62 Great short read. Sad yes but so much passion in their feelings. Very enjoyable read.

Anino Thanks for the review... This one looks really good..

Vicky I will read this as my treat for the day. Comparing it to a bar of chocolate ...sold!
Oh Sylvain, you do have a way with words!

Keisha I have read this and I enjoyed the story and when I read it like any other book you have to use your own imagination as to how you want it to be or the way it should go. It keeps the mind intrigued. That is one of the reasons I love to read and am versatile with my reading of books..

Judi Your comment about a bar of chocolate made me laugh. That's why I consume so many books!

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Well put, I feel if an author can draw out an emotion then the book has done its job! To feel and connect with the story.

message 11: by Shay (new) - added it

Shay very well said.

message 12: by John (new) - added it

John Kingsley One of the best books I have read in quite a while, I am a musician from the Pacific Northwest. It is very relatable. Once again her books have captivated my interest and made me appreciate her talents.

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