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Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie
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Mar 13, 2012

really liked it

okay, so i knew when i started this book there wasn't going to be a happy ending, but did it have to end like that? i still think that joe abercombie has some kick-ass style with the pen and is like this awesome guru with twists and storytelling, but really? did it really have to end like that?


if you're reading this and you haven't read the book, well SHAME ON YOU. and yeah, thats right, divert your eyes.

anyway. so thats it right? no one learnt a thing, no character developed. logen ended up falling off a cliff at the end and the beginning, glokta never learnt compassion or mercy, bayaz turned out to be some evil power-crazed tyrant, ferro ends up being haunted by spirts with the would-be love between her and logen gone, and jezal realises his a coward. actually, now that i think about it, jezal was probably the character that changed for the better because at least he tried to do some good.

in the beginning i loved the unique-ness of this series, and the gripping style of writing. but seriously? there was no character development at all! and the realistic-ness of this book didn't really shine through cos nothing ends up that bad!...does it?

anyway, so my point is, couldn't there at least be one happy ending? did everyone have to turn evil? did all the love stories have to die? and what the heck happened to logen anyway at the end? did he die or what? I DON'T GET IT. PLEASE ANSWER ME.

i still love the unique-ness of the book though, the way it demonstrated that not all questions are answered like why did glokta do what he did or grims story, and i especially love love LOVE the way it was written even though i've still got a few issues about the ending.



for anyone thinking of reading this book, first of all read the other books in the trilogy first and secondly, go for your life! its a really good series to read. just bear in mind though, that if yo're a fan of happy ending; THIS IS NOT YOUR KIND OF BOOK. you might prefer to stop at the second book.


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