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Winter by Rod Rees
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Mar 13, 2012

bookshelves: dnf, sci-fi
Read from April 02 to 08, 2012

DNF, so no rating.

I stopped reading this one. I even made it halfway through, but I couldn't handle all the inconsistencies and the stupid premise any longer. I really wanted to love it, but I didn't want to continue turning the pages.

The Demi-Monde is a computer simulation training program for the military. The program runs completely on its own, like a highly intelligent and super creepy Sims. It's super creepy because they populated the Demi-Monde with history's biggest war criminals, like high-ranking Nazis, and they set up conditions to make everyone pretty much hate each other.

This sounded good and I was on board, but the stupidity of the computer program is annoying. It was designed that if we humans entered it and we died in the Demi-Monde we die in real life, like The Matrix. The military would use a computer program to train people on combat where they could actually die? Please. The Demi-Monde was also set to have technology consistent with technology from the 1870s, so the military wants to train current soldiers to fight an enemy stuck in 1870? Come on.

Besides these dumb things, another stupid thing is that people in the Demi-Monde are designed to have no blood in their system, yet they have to drink a certain amount every week in order to live, so there are blood banks all around the Demi-Monde but there is also an underground blood trade. But when we humans enter the Demi-Monde, and remember this is a computer simulation so a computer version of us enters it, we have blood in our system and if any of the people running the underground blood trade catch us they will capture us and use us for their blood trade. This was described as a mistake in system design, but one would think this could be any easy thing to fix since they learned how to make the residents of the Demi-Monde without blood.

Oh, but it gets better. I don't think there were any editors reading this book before it was published because we are clearly told that the Demi-Monde residents have no blood in their systems so when they get scratches they won't bleed but they will just appear white. Then how do Demi-Mondians have bruises? Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure you need blood in your system to have bruises.

There are also some other stupid things the editors missed, like an idiotic Demi-Mondian girl who meets a human and when the human talks about how the women of Demi-Monde are brainwashed the girl questions what a brain is. So if they don't have blood they don't know what a brain is? Why would she pull "brain" out of "brainwashing" then? Why not question what "brainwashing" is? This girl has also never seen anyone shake hands before and wonders why the human shakes her hand, but no one else in the Demi-Monde has a problem shaking hands because a lot of hand shaking happened. Also, if people in the Demi-Monde don't know what a brain is, how do they know what a heart is, because a heart was mentioned a few times, but why would they know what a heart is if they have no blood in their system? Do they have a heart that doesn't run with blood?

There are more things I could talk about, but these annoyed me the most. Some people may think these things are minor, but when you're building a world I have to buy into it. This has too many things that annoyed me. Maybe they are explained in the last half of the book, but I don't really care anymore.
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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne All of this is excellent for me to know as I have it out from the library and am maybe an eighth of the way through, but it's due before I'll get a chance to finish. I'm enjoying it to far, but I haven't gotten to all the inconsistencies yet. I'll keep going for a while, but call me picky, I already have issues with all the annoying capitalizations within words at this point.

message 2: by LeAnn (new) - added it

LeAnn Suchy Yeah, the capitalization was super annoying, too. And so were the really bad puns, like LessBiens for lesbians. Please. Be more creative. Or better yet, expect your readers to be somewhat intelligent where you don't have to use capitals to get us to read and understand a word, like UnFunDaMentalism.

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