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Growing Pains by K.P. Smith
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Mar 23, 2012

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The main protagonist is Kendra, who lives with her Mum, Dad and younger sister Patrice. They are a small family that struggles to make ends meet which is often the cause of arguments in her household. Kendra's best friend is Katrina and together they battle their way through school worrying about typical things, boys, high school, exams, and in Kendra's case upcoming cheer leading tryouts. After Kendra's Mum takes a job her Dad disapproves of the arguments become worse and Kendra is finding it hard to try to carry on as normal.

Growing Pains has got to be one of the best books I have read that really show how typical everyday problems that plenty of people worry about affects the family dynamics. The stress and worry of having no money can put a strain on every relationship and this is shown in a truthful but not too hard hitting way. We get to see how these problems affect children, Kendra, and how she tries to not only protect her sister from witnessing it, but also how she tries to cope herself when she has a lot of other worries going on that aren't plain to see.

K.P.Smith has wrote a book that is packed full of emotion with characters that are so believable and likeable that a lot of times during Growing Pains I wanted to take Kendra out of the situation and just hug her and tell her that it would all be OK in the end and I wanted to give her Dad a good shake and tell him to grow up. I am looking forward to see what else the author has to offer.

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