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Gray Moon Rising by S.M. Reine
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Jun 25, 12

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Read from June 23 to 24, 2012

After the happenings in book 3, it isn’t a surprise Rylie has some issues to work out. Even though she’s now living in the werewolf sanctuary, life isn’t exactly good. Rylie and Abel are with other werewolves and witches in California, while Seth is living with Rylie’s aunt Gwyn at the ranch and finishing school in the hopes of becoming a doctor.

Things get shaken up, when the werewolves hear the call of the Gray Mountain — the place where Rylie was cursed. The gathering of the time is happening, but it’s not just the werewolves, but the hunters are following them, planning to massacre them all. And the odds seem to be in their favor.

There are a lot of delicious secondary characters in a book. The biggest antagonist of them all for example. So vicious, full of poison, but so carefully characterized and placed, that you do understand her, and that makes the antagonist even creepier. The hunters are also a big group of baddies, their militant behavior really keeps you wondering how the heck is anyone going to survive. And then we got the other werewolves — Bekah and Levi from the previous book and quite a lot more. The forest is pretty full.

I loved the relationship between Rylie and Abel. It shows, that you can do so much between characters without involving any romance to it. I wish more writers would realize it doesn’t always have to be love or hate to have the reader intrigued. On the other hand I adore Rylie and Seth who have their bumps in the story. Reine handles gracefully some teenage issues, actually mirroring reality better than most YA books.

Overall I love the change Rylie has gone through the series and it gets a full closure in this book. She is standing where she started, but a changed girl. I disliked her in the first book, thought she was an annoying brat, but through the books life affected her and she matured and developed to Rylie 2.0. It was a believable journey set in the cruel reality she lives in.

I’m not giving this last book full five stars, even though I loved it as I love the whole series. Gray Moon Rising gets 4.5. The reason is, that everything ended up too neat and I would’ve liked a bit more foreshadowing in the previous books. I don’t want to elaborate, not to giveaway too much of the ending — we can chat about it after you’ve read it! However this is a worthy book to end Rylie’s story. And I’m sad it has to end.

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