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Black House by Stephen King
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Mar 13, 2012

it was amazing

I've read a number of Stephen King's books, enough to consider him one of my favorite authors; and out of everything I've read by him I enjoyed this, along with The Talisman, the most. This has encouraged me to start looking at some of Peter Straub's work as well; however I have yet to do so at this time. What this book has done is inspire me to get into his Dark Tower series, which I had been avoiding doing for some time because I'd heard that it was slow getting into. If that series has ever interested you I would suggest reading The Talisman and Black House as they will certainly be the tipping point to get you into that series.

The world that King and Straub create in this book is a place that I think as kids we all envision exists, it's a fantasy world, but they make it real. You see much more of it in The Talisman, but I find that fitting because in Black House, the main character, Jack is no longer a thirteen year old boy; he's a grown man and he needs to rediscover this world outside our own. Something that I think is much harder for adults to do. This is a very different story then The Talisman, but it is so for a reason and I enjoyed seeing this little boy that I followed on his quest across country all grown up. His adventures as an adult should be different.

Since reading this I've found references to this 'other world' in many of King's other books such as Lisley's Story, which I also greatly enjoyed, and smaller references in a number of other books. Every time I read one and I see that little reference it sucks me in and I want to know more about this place which the Talisman and Black House name the Territories.

As usual with King, this book had its moments that literally sent chills down my spine. It didn't scare me to the point where I was afraid to sleep at night like Salem's Lot did when I was twelve, or even Bag of Bones, when I was twenty three. But, it did have one of the most disturbing villains I think King has ever created.

This book was also my inspiration to dabble in the present tense with my writing. I find King and Straub tackle this tense perfectly and use it to build suspense. What you're reading is happening now and that makes it all feel so much more intense. Present tense can throw people off sometimes, but for this book I would throw away all preconceived notions that Novels should only be written in the past tense.

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Alex Simon i must say Lauryn April that i liked your review very much . i agree .:)

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