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The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
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Mar 13, 12

Do Baboons like Basketball?
What in the world do magic, baboons, and basketball have to do with each other? Is there anything in common about them? In Rick Riordan’s Throne of Fire, These all seem to go together just fine. It does not seem like there is a second guess about whether these three things go together or not. Who would think these things go together?
In the Throne of Fire, Rick Riordan does a good job with his characters. His characters are brother and sister but they do not normally act like they are. They are completely different but yet they are completely the same. The way Riordan connects all of his characters is incredible. All of his characters have some kind of tie. They all connect in some way or another. I believe one of the main things that gets people interested in a book are the characters. If the characters are interesting it makes the book so much more interesting. Without characters you do not have a story. The even history has characters. Right now we are characters of our own book. The story in the Throne of Fire is told by the characters. Many times I found that I was in the characters shoes. The characters are what bring the book to life. Riordan does a really good job of bringing his readers into the book.
The plot of the Throne of Fire, was extremely good. The plot just keeps moving and does not slow down at all. It keeps the reader on their toes. If the readers are on their toes the author could through anything at them and it would still be a shock. A giant baboon and a vulture sure mix things up. I sure would not want to get on their bad sides. (Wonder what would happen if I did? I guess I will not know.) Is there anything worse than a plot that keeps repeating itself and does not move forward at all? It is like the authors have amnesia and do not know what they have already written.
Plots and characters have a lot to do with the way the reader takes the book. The book could be taken as, “Oh, just another book to read,” or “Wow! I cannot put the book down!” It all depends on the way the characters and plot work together. There is not a story if there is not a plot and characters. A good book has both. Throne of Fire is a good book that has an amazing plot and amazing characters.
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