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Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson
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Jul 17, 2013

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Read in August, 2008

Pretty much what you'd expect. Light, fun, festive. Had the feel of an ABC Family made-for-tv holiday special (which I love!), but funnier. And quirkier. Because John Green and Maureen Johnson are funny and quirky and their styles and characters fit together so naturally. While I like Myracle just fine, she feels like the third wheel in this collection of interconnected stories and leaving her to pen the final story and tie everything together was Let It Snow's major flaw. It was nice to see all the characters from all three stories come together, but I'm betting this would be a stronger read had the order of storytelling had been reversed.

The appearance of Johnson and Green's characters throughout Myracle's story were the only parts of "Patron Saint of Pigs" that I didn't mind... but even those made me moan a little. Under Myracle's control, characters I liked and that, when written by Johnson and Green seem like actual people, sounded like bad acting. They just didn't feel authentic anymore. That was disappointing because I very much like her series of Winnie books, but these more mature characters still sounded and behaved like the tweens of Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen. I cringed reading the shallow, meaningless things Addie had to say about Stuart (one of Johnson's characters) being Jewish. Her characters were just a bit... lame.

Anyway, I'm getting caught in the negatives (which is what happens when end on the wrong note, Penguin!), but overall this is a sweet, enjoyable book. Johnson and Green are standout authors in their genre. They write characters that sound like people I know and want to hang out with. Johnson, in particular, was laugh out loud funny even and Green made something really fun happen with a car for the third time (or possibly fourth, but I haven't read Looking for Alaska , so I don't know). Bravo! I'll be singing it's praises to teens the city over this winter.
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message 1: by Lucy (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:15AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lucy Is it good? Well? Is it?

(I need an antidote to Breaking Dawn. Send help, pls?)

nicole It is! I mean, it's not amazing, but I'm enjoying it. It's like an ABC Family made-for-TV Christmas special, but with better punchlines. I've read the first two parts so far (the ones by Maureen Johnson and John Green), and just the first chapter of Lauren Myracle's story. The first two are just what you'd expect from those authors, sweet and funny (and Maureen Johnson's is weird, of course, in a ridiculous and hilarious way), and the characters sound like actual people. Lauren Myracle's is kind of painful, though. Her character seems pretty shallow and I feel embarrassed for half the sentences she speaks. The character can down shots and cheat on her boyfriend but says things like "heck" and "for goodness sakes!" Yeh. Plus there's much Starbucks mentioning, which just feels lame. I dunno. The stories are interconnected in that the characters live in the same area and cross paths, but in small, unimportant ways. Would be nice if they had more to do with one another, but the stories are fine one their own.

In short though, yeah, it's good. I'll be endcapin' it fo' sho.

Lucy I'm not a huge Lauren Myracle fan, so I am not so dissapointed by that, but I do love me some Maureen Johnson and John Green. It's always good to have new material from them. I will totally read!

Kenzie John Green's book is "Looking for Alaska." Just so you know. :D

message 5: by Anne-Floor (new) - added it

Anne-Floor I feel the same way! I liked the first two stories, but I keep putting down the book, while attempting to read Lauren Myracle's part. I just don't like the main character at all...

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