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Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce
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Mar 15, 2012

really liked it
Read in May, 2006

What first caught my attention was how different Aly was from here mother. Instead of a driven knight-to-be she's a spoiled noble girl who treats espionage like a game. That kind of playful spy personality makes for a completely different heroine for a completely different kind of story. It was a good decision on Pierce's part, after all, she already made a frank Alanna successor in Kel. However, her personal goal is the same: to prove herself in her chosen field.
The second thing to catch my attention was the change in setting and change in divine patron. The Copper Isles are different in geography, politics, history, etc. Krypioth is a anti-heroish exiled deity and more willing to speak with Aly than the dignified Mother Goddess ever was with Alanna. Its like Pierece wanted a new sand box to play in without totally separating herself from her old one.
About the story itself. The main plot begins with a bet between Aly and Krypioth: protect the noble Bailtang family for the summer. Aly being a spy this means warding off threats before they come and gathering allies to do the physical protecting. There are other side plots (Aly keeping her real identity a secret, uncovering the raka's network so they can work together, Nawat's romantic pursuit of her) in the meantime. Aly's a smart girl (she'd have to be if she were George's daughter) but there's one trick she misses until the end. Her realization of this is one my of my favorite parts.
Despite being a generation story there's little need to know what's happened in the previous three series. Of course, long time readers will appreciate the continuity nods. Don't worry about missing anything if this is your first Tortall book. It was mine I read the other series because of it.

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