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Deep Dark Secret by Sierra Dean
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Mar 14, 12

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“You want to tell me the truth,” I commanded. Gabriel looked puzzled, tilting his head to the side.
“I am telling you the truth.” Fuck, this wasn’t going to be as easy as saying, These are not the droids you are looking for.

3.5 Stars

Who knew hair-pulling could hurt so badly? I took back every catty thing I’d ever said about the ladies on Jersey Shore.

Well I have to say this is an improvement from book two. In Deep Dark Secret we finally get to see Secret grow up and stop being so selfish, don't get me wrong she still has her moments where I want to slap some sense into her but she's finally understanding her rank in the pack and what is expected of her.

The next night I awoke feeling like I had been skull fucked by something with a monstrous three-pronged penis that leaked acid. I felt awesome.

But don't mind me I'm getting off topic. In the third installment of the Secret McQueen series Secret is dealing with becoming a Tribunal Leader and her rogue hunting days have come to an end. She now has Holden as her bodyguard. Then Lucas informs her that the Pack is possibly being targeted for a take over by her Uncles pack. So it's up to Secret and Lucas to show a united front and send out the warning that messing with their pack would be a very bad idea. If Secret's life wasn't complicated enough she has to solve the mystery of a missing girl and numerous murders so basically another day in the life of Secret McQueen.

He stroked his chin, a habit he’d picked up when he’d had a beard that had stuck with him when the hair was gone. “It must be bad if you’re stroking the invisible beard.” “That sounds like a ninth-grade euphemism for masturbation.”

So this book had its highs and lows. It took me about 30% of reading to get me interested in what was happening. The start seemed to drag out and I was getting impatient for some of the action to start. But once it did it was so good. Secret is such a bad-ass and I love her sarcastic remarks to everyone no matter how important you are. This book definitely left me asking some weird questions in terms of Secret's lifeline and what fate has in store for her and I hope we get to see more of her Tribunal Leader duties in the next book.

“You still stink,” he said with a roguish smirk, kissing the tip of my nose.
“Yeah well…” There was no obvious comeback, so I went for an old classic. “Your face still stinks.”
“Real smooth.”
“Shut up.”

Now I usually don't like love triangles but this book can 'kinda' get away with it. Even though it's more like a love-square thing happening. What annoyed me so much in the last book was how Secret treated Lucas, he is the pack leader and she's his mate so he has to make some very hard decisions and he can't always do what is best for Secret, especially if it jeopardizes the pack. So she would bitch and moan every chapter about it but thankfully in this book she's had some sense knocked into her. Even though there were a few things Lucas did that I didn't agree with I could still understand his reasons and if I was in his position I think I would have done the same. Her relationship with Desmond is also tested but I don't think it's been pushed to the limit yet, it'll be exciting to see how he's going to handle some of the recent developments in book 4. Hmmmm Holden, I don't know what it is about him but I love him and maybe Secret should just give her two werewolf boyfriends the flick and shack up with the vamp. Just saying.

A slick sidewalk had a way of making anybody its bitch.

Overall I think it's my favorite Secret McQueen book so far but I'm getting a little sick of Secret yo-yo-ing between guys. I also vote for more Sig in the next book. I'll definitely keep going with this series, it's kinda like crack. May not be good for you but damn it's addictive.

“Well…” He handed me the glass. “Now you smell like a rotting fruit salad. I guess it’s an improvement.”
“Did they teach you how to woo a lady at charm school? You’re excellent at it.”
“You mean we don’t club women over the head and drag them back to our caves? Hmm.” He swallowed a mouthful of water. “We wolfmen must have missed that lesson.”

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message 1: by Emmy (new) - added it

Emmy This is available already? Wow. I need to get this pronto. Love this series!

Roxanne I love the Heroine's name 'Secret McQueen' how much more awesome can that get?! I've heard this book is good, fingers crossed I like it too.

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