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Magic's Price by Mercedes Lackey
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Dec 19, 2013

did not like it
bookshelves: fiction, fantasy
Read in December, 2013

** spoiler alert ** The selfish, whiny Vanyel, powerful Herald Mage, and his Companion, the telepathic horse-like Yfandes have to deal with a dark mage who wishes to overthrow Valdemar. As the book opens the last four herald-mages create a barrier around valdemar which prevents hostile mages from using magic. King Randale is dying and Vanyel has taken over responsibilities of the throne while young Prince Treven is trained.

Vanyel forms a lifebond with young bard Stefen, an unheard of to form two lifebonds, but Stefen may be Vanyel's first love reincarnated.

Herald mages are dying in what looks like accidents. When Van's aunt and mentor, Savil, is murdered Van becomes the last herald-Mage. Van and Stefan go in search of Master Dark but van is kidnapped and brutally raped by bandits, almost dying and temporarily losing his sanity.

There's a final battle with the dark mage and Vanyel and Yfandes invoke the ultimate spell, kill8ng their enemies, but dying themselves. Stefen wants to commit suicide but Vanyel's spirit tells him to coinvince all of Valdemar that Herald mages are no longer necessary and that Heralds alone are OK. Stefan spends the rest of his life on this task.

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