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French Quarter by Lacey Alexander
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Aug 10, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: erotica, e-book
Recommended to Heather by: Auntee
Recommended for: Fans of Seven Nights of Sin and Voyeur
Read in August, 2008

Hold on to your mardi gras beads ladies and gentleman... this book is really sexy! It also has a sweet love story. Gotta love Lacey Alexander...

Liz is a woman who hires a P.I. named Jack to find out if her fiance Todd is cheating on her. Liz thinks Jack is pretty hot and Jack thinks Liz is incredibly sexy, so he feels bad when he has to tell her that her that indeed Todd is a cheater. Well, Liz wants more proof, so she and Jack go on a little "stakeout" together at the local strip club to catch Todd in the act. Once they get there, things between Jack and Liz heat up pretty quick! From that point on they have amazing sex... in LOTS of places, and man oh man is it ever hot!

This book has m/f/m sex as well as some sexual situations with f/f/f/m... if your not into voyeurism and spontaneity- you might want to avoid this book. I wouldn't avoid it if I were you...
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Collette It's been a few months since I read this one but it was hot!!!! Super hot! It made me want to read the rest of the trilogy? I think?

Heather I do want to try this one... although the feedback that I've gotten for the third book in this trilogy was BAD! So hopefully this one is good!!! ;)


Collette Bad how? I guess I could look it up and go check myself. lol Just being lazy.

Auntee Heather, I kinda liked the third one. :)

Heather Ok cool! I want to try the whole series... I figured I like all her other stuff, so I might as well give this a try right! ;)

Auntee- Im glad you liked it... did you read this one too??


Auntee Yep Heather, I read them all, and liked it the best of the three! :)

Collette Ooh! Good sign!!

Heather Great! well.. another one to add to the list! ;)


Collette Yeah, I was thinking that too, or two to add for me but was trying not to think about that so much. lol

message 10: by Blackbook (new) - added it

Blackbook Have you burned that Kindle up, or what? Have you done the dishes or your husband lately? Tee Hee.


Heather lol! I sorta wonder if my kindle (and my husband) can handle me!! ;D You sneak away today to read any dirty books? If you had a kindle.. you wouldnt have to sneak.... ;)


Collette I'm tell you.....Heather has got to betting commission from Amazon on that Kindle. lol

BB, you are cracking me up with your sneaking off. I admit that my husband takes a look at most of my readings lately and just blushes but he knew what I was when he married me and I haven't changed. lol

Heather I wish I was getting commission... I could very possibly be rich by now!! lol!


message 14: by Blackbook (new) - added it

Blackbook It's terrible that I have to sneak off. I am a grown, tax paying woman. Of late I've been accused of having an online affair! God that would be a menage of how many?? I managed to get 3 books read this weekend. That was pretty good. I took away ipod, TV, computer and phone privileges to force my kid into doing housework. Cinderella, she calls herself. I have the afternoon off. Going to read the 3rd Nauti right now, before the dinner that I KNOW that I'm not in the mood to cook. Maybe Cinderella can make the dinner...

Heather LOL! BB- you crack me up! ;) An online affair huh? I think my husband believes I'm having one of those. 3 books is pretty darn good... Im gonna start on the 3rd Hot in the city book, seeing as I just finished the 2nd... I too have to slave in the kitchen tonight. I say make something easy like a roasted chicken, that you can leave in the oven for an hour and a half... more reading time ;D


Julie (jjmachshev) Tell your hubbies, "Yes! I'm having on on-line affair...with a bunch of women! Wanna watch?"

Heather lol! JJ- my husband would just love that! Im sure most of our husbands would ;)


message 18: by Steven (new)

Steven Harbin LOL - thanks y'all, these comments just made my day :)
and I plan to check out the book as well - it looks interesting.

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