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One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo
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Elliot is a very serious young man. He dresses like he is going to the opera and he is as polite as if he were taking an etiquette test. So when his father asks if he would like to go to the zoo, he politely says "yes." While at the zoo he reads all about an explorer named Magellan who discovered the Magellanic Penguin. Then Elliot makes a discovery, he has quite a bit in common with that particular penguin. In fact, he decides that he would like to get a penguin. His father gives him a $20 so he could purchase a plush stuffed animal, but Elliot pockets the money and instead nabs the smallest penguin from the zoo. It seems that Elliot's dad is a little oblivious to Elliots antics...but then again perhaps he isn't.

I like this book. I like how the illustrations portray Elliot in black and white other than the flush pink of his cheeks. I like how Elliot's father is red and green (with a nod to his favorite animal, the turtle--turtle pjs, a box of turtles chocolates to eat, etc.). I like how Elliot likes learning about his penguin and where he comes from. I like how Elliot's dad is a good dad who happens to be interested in what his son is doing. And most especially...I LOVE the ending. I didn't see it coming, and it made me laugh.

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