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Tidal Whispers by Jocelyn Adams
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Mar 16, 12

(Review from the author)
Read from March 12 to 16, 2012

Personally, I love reading anthologies. Sure, full-sized books are bliss, but sometimes our (my ;) ) mood leans towards a quick fix. That’s where an anthology chock full of short stories comes in way handy. Short stories are usually about the same length as a couple of chapters in a typical novel which means I can escape for a few minutes and leave totally fulfilled, not wondering what’s going to happen next.

My favorite kind of anthologies are tight and diverse ones, where each story is based on a specific theme, like sci-fi or horror, fantasy like tales about vampires or water elementals, perhaps something romantic with a happily ever after or happily for now ending — but an anthology where each author adds their distinct twist of awesomeness to that theme.

I’m happy to say that TIDAL WHISPERS is one of those anthologies!

HEART’S DESIRE by Julie Reece is a dreamy story about Tessa and her enduring crush, Cam. It opens on a dramatic moment in Tessa’s life. I mourned with her while she sought solace from heartache at a favored summer vacation spot, but once Cam stepped back into her life, she temporarily found joy, laughter, and love, a whole new world where dreams could come true. But would she have the courage to express and claim what her heart truly desires? The end had me holding my breath.

THE SWEETEST SONG by Claire Gillian drops us in the deep end of the action with sexy siren, Circe, between a rock and a hard place as she faces Poseidon’s wrath. She’s not meeting her ship-sinking quota and now a horrendous fate awaits — unless she can sing the right song to lure Capt. Otis to his doom. But Otis has his own secret strength, a mystery that lures Circe to shore to investigate. What she finds surprises her, explains why he’s been so crafty in avoiding her and changes her world forever. The sweetest song ended on a high note for me.

PEARL OF PAU’MAA by me is third in the line up. I figure I’ll have a natural lean towards clicking “like” since this one is my story and all, hehe! So I’ll just let you see what authors and reviewers J.A. Belfield and Aimee Laine respectively thought in their reviews here and here.

THE UNDERGARDEN by Jocelyn Adams begins with an innocent encounter between Nixie and Wyatt. One bound to land, the other to sea, the division doesn’t keep them from growing up, getting to know each other further and together, learning about love and loss. While I had tears in my eyes during certain parts… the end, well, that left me grinning for the future.
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“He swore a soldier’s oath to her; she’d have the pearl before the sun passed over. Harmon never broke his word.”
Kelly Said, Tidal Whispers

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“If there were ever a time to breathe underwater, Miki thought, panicking as she watched the dark shadow of an island boat gliding overhead, it would be now.”
Kelly Said, Tidal Whispers

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“I’ve always believed the ocean held more for me than the island.”
Kelly Said, Tidal Whispers

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