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Trinity by Lauren Dane
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Jan 28, 14

Read from March 15 to 16, 2012

My first read by Lauren Dane and this review is now going to bode well. I chose this series for several reasons. Firstly the author was recommended to me so I thought I would give her a go. I liked the look of the cover, which as much as many of us will say it doesn't influence our choice on us choosing a book I have to disagree. Visual stimuli are always something that we are either attracted too or aren't. I find with books an appealing cover will often sway me to read it as much as a good synopsis. The story sounded good and like many other 'shifter' books I've read so I thought it would appeal to me. This is where the good comments end I am afraid.

We are introduced to Renee, a girl with powers she refuses to accept she has and her lover/partner/(almost husband/soulmate (Need I really continue? Well this gets rammed down your throat for 5 chapters in case you aren't clear!!) Galen. Their relationship is so intense and yet when we are introduced to Jack (A Wolf who thinks Renee is his 'mate to be') its apparently acceptable to still be totally in love but also speak to your partner who is your soul mate about this other wolf and invite him for dinner?! Seriously! I know these books are totally unrealistic due to the nature of the supernatural elements; however the feelings and experiences the author brings to the characters often are (Or at least partially are). This book was just terrible though. I didn't like Kalen as a character, Renee seemed to be confused unless having sex with Kalen which seemed to have to happen 5 times a day just so we 'got' that they were in love and mated?!

Euugh! Sorry I hate writing bad reviews on things unless I can back up what I am saying but this book was so bad after forcing myself to get 6 chapters in I couldn't take anymore. It was either break my eReader so I no longer had to finish it or stop reading the book and delete it from my library - the later won.

Maybe you have read this book and enjoyed it, if so that's excellent. You obviously have found something in the tale that I could not. I tried to like it just a little but nothing in this book made me want to waste anymore time on it! I gave this book 1 out of 5, it's lucky it got that really. Shame as I don't think I'll read anything else by the author again unless I get a VERY good recommendation of it!

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26.0% "I'm still not sure what to make of the story. I'm not feeling very warm towards Galen, he really annoys me. Having said that Jack is way too 'cock sure' too. I'll carry on for now, just not sure if this series will be for me..."

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Darcy This wasn't a good one to start with as it is a spin off of another series with characters we have meet before and the world all set.

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The first series of Dane's I read was the Chase brothers and I loved it. But I don't like her erotica very much. This is the second series I tried to read where she started with a triad relationship and never got through the first book, so I feel ya.

Melanie I just felt the characters were to unrealistic for my expectations. You are the second person to mention her other series' maybe I should have started with one of them. Although I'll be honest now I feel put off :/

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I enjoyed the other series, but to be fair her dialogue is just awful at times. If I didn't like the characters, I would have stopped reading.

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