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Bound by Kira Saito
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Mar 12, 2012

it was ok
Read on March 14, 2012

I'll go with 2.5 Stars

Short cast of characters:
Sabrina=heroine's best friend
Grand-mere Bea=Arelia's grandmother
Ms. Mae=Arelia's great-aunt
Ivan=I actually have no idea besides a boy who works with Arelia
Erzulie=voodoo spirit of love

-Interesting premise: basically Arelia, a 16 year old, talks to ghosts and she is supposed to become a great voodoo queen (initially unbeknownst to her). It all takes place in New Orleans (really, where else? But I love it as a locale). Sabrina is offered a summer job at a big plantation and she takes Arelia along to work because Arelia needs the money.
-I liked Arelia at first, she was the underdog to root for; poor, supported both her and her grand-mere, was trying to save for college, etc. Once she gets to the plantation she finds out Ms. Mae is her great-aunt and she really does have powers because she was blessed by Erzulie when a baby.

-Grammar mistakes. Ugh.
-Sabrina: OMG, what an uber witch! And I don't mean a wiccan. She's a spoiled rich girl who sleeps with anything in trousers and her sole purpose in life is to find a rich man and marry him. That's it. She's SIXTEEN! On top of that, she's mean. She fully admits that she loves Arelia because she doesn't compete with her, and at one point when they get in a fight she is beyond mean to her supposed best friend. Any time she was in the story I was cringing.
-Arelia: After awhile she just gets annoying. She inexplicably thinks "everyone talks to spirits" because after all, it "is New Orleans." Dude, you are not 6, figure it out. Then she alternates between thinking all voodoo is stupid drivel made up by con artists and fully healing a kid from a snake bite. Because sure, everyone can do that. She screams and "spits" things out (as in forcefully talking) repeatedly at people (overused phrase). What's with all the rages girl? She watches Sabrina throw herself at Lucas over and over (getting jealous, but not admitting it), has a horrible fight with Sabrina and then catches her in bed with Ivan and STILL is all "that's ok, we're best friends again" when Sabrina "apologizes."
-Ms. Mae: Liked her at first, she tells Arelia who she really is and wants to teach her voodoo. Then you find out she has been keeping a RATHER important fact from her.
-Lucas: I'm not exactly sure if he was just trying to be polite or what, but his letting Sabrina throw herself at him again and again and again was stupid. He obviously likes Arelia. But he is also keeping a big secret (actually, it's the same one as Ms. Mae) and I can see why Arelia feels used.
-Ivan: Who the hell is this guy? He seems to know more then he is letting on and hinting at things to Arelia, but you never know how or why. Plus, he sleeps with Sabrina, so...way to take up the offer of free wares, dude.

All in all I think the book had GREAT potential, it just fell short. And the ending was really abrupt. I know the second book just came out, and if it's free on Amazon (like this one was) I will probably read it just to see if it gets any better.

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