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Fearless Magic by Rachel Higginson
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Mar 12, 2012

liked it

this book is about a human girl named eden and finding out that she is more than human, and that there are other supernatural races out there. a spoiled prince that was promised to rule a powerful kingdom and have whatever he wants. but instead becoming the king he thought he could never be. there's a lot of adventure, magic, and romance. i think if your looking for an easy read and not think too much solving things and yet want to feel giddy with that new found love feel. this book is for you.

ok, i did like the series but felt that it had a lot more potential. maybe it's the writing style and she is new to it? the good news is that, it does get better. the ensemble of characters gets better, the heroine eden...not so much. she drives me crazy, she is selfish, and immature. she claims to not be this shallow person and yet she is. i didn't feel like she grew as much as everyone around her did. and maybe it's because everything went too fast for her and was just trying to make decisions without the proper training that she needed. and at times, i felt she was just too clueless!
i really stuck around reading the series because of Kirran. everything he did had a purpose and determination. even when he made wrong decisions, you understood why he did those things. and you wonder, why can't eden see it. even when she found out that even immortals choose to not go on living.

i'm stingy with my stars and i would have given this 2 and 1/2 . it was like..i like ok. so it gets 3 here.

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