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The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson
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Mar 12, 12

Deborah Lawrenson takes us into the countryside of Provenance where she weaves the stories of two women spanning 85 years. Sometimes a ghost story while other times a mystery, Lawrenson writes with such a descriptive style that you feel the touch of every caress and smell ever scent.

Eve is a translator on contract in Switzerland who finds herself bored with work and a decidedly dull social life. Upon visiting the chateau at Yvoire she meets Dom a man of wealth from the sale of his geo-technology business who now writes music. Instantly drawn together they embark on a life which involves moving into the dilapidated hamlet of Les Genevriers.

Benedicte Lincel grew up in the house living there until she died. She weaves her own tale of life at Les Genevriers, growing up in the lush surroundings of lavender fields and warm winds driven over the mountains of Grand Luberon and of tragedy that inevitable strikes every family. Reflecting on memories of the loved ones she has lost over the years. She begins to see apparitions that torment her every waking moment often causing her harm. These are the ghosts that have reclaimed their places in Les Genevriers haunting and ever present.

Eve and Dom lovingly work on the restoration of Les Genevriers taking delight in each find of hidden rooms and little treasures left from the previous owners. The farmhouse was quickly becoming a welcoming home full of love and happiness until Eve begins feeling a presence bringing with it sickly sweet fragrance, sightings of shadowy figures and glowing lanterns. Approaching Dom with her experiences she finds him moody, sullen and withdrawn which nags at Eve until she takes up the chore of investigating the history of Les Genevriers where she finds more than she bargained for.

The Lantern grasps hold of you from the beginning drawing you in and keeping you there wanting the story to go on for fear of being torn from the expertly woven tale.

Reviewed by Jodi Ann Hanson for Suspense Magazine

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