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Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell
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Apr 04, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: arc, young-adult, mundane-world-normal-people
Read from March 23 to 25, 2012

4.5 stars

Need a friend? Call Chloe. How about a laugh? Enter Chloe with joke book in hand.

Chloe was the queen of her universe. She has family that adores her, crazy grandma that is always up for Brad Pitt movies day, and two best friends that have been her friend for such a long time. Then everything crashes. Her older brother leaves her for college, her mother and grandma are in third world war, and Chloe’s best friends dump her because they consider her fail as a friend. In addition, there is a new school counselor who wants Chloe to change her topic on Junior Independent Study Project (JISP). JISP is a project when a junior is required to contribute something useful to community. It is all about passion and Chloe is determined to have topic concerning about her number one passion: shoes. However, there is a twist of event and suddenly, she is required to help promoting her school radio station for her JISP project.

Chloe knows nothing about radio, but she knows about promotion. At first, she wanted to help the dying radio station because of her duty as promo manager, but as time progresses by, Chloe finds herself having a new home in the radio station. She becomes friends with people whom her old best friend called ‘outsiders’. Chloe also learns that in radio, sometimes it is very crucial to shut up and just listen.

Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe is a very brilliant debut and I love every minute reading this book. With her cheerful attitude and happy-go-lucky motto, you can’t help but liking Chloe. She is bubbly and she does talk too much, but along the story, her character is greatly improved and she becomes more mature. Chloe’s grandmother is suffering from Parkinson disease and Chloe had hard time struggling to accept that this time she is the one who takes care of her grandma, but I really like the way she handles the family problem. Chloe is a strong a character and one I wouldn’t mind being friends with.

Another thing I like about this book is Duncan, the fix-all guy who is responsible for technical stuff in the radio station. Duncan works in two places and he hardly has time to sleep or do his homework. Duncan didn’t have much fun in his life so I really like it that the coming of Chloe to his life has brightened his days. Duncan definitely needs more fun in his life and Chloe always successfully makes him crack a smile or laugh at her lines.

This book is definitely a keeper. Chloe is different from most main characters. She’s confident and she knows how to make the best of her talents. One thing I like most about Chloe is she tries to befriend with everyone. She has moments of imperfection when she’s so full of herself, but she is not afraid to evaluate herself and always tries to make up for her faults.

I think this book can do even better with more details. There should be a passage about other workers in the radio station. I want to find out about the fate of Haley’s baby or whether Clementine has some private stuff going on in her life too. Some characters, like Chloe’s older brothers, are only mentioned in the book. It would be much better if they show up or even a phone call would be perfect.

In overall, I really like the book. This book deserves an addition of half star because I really like Chloe’s character. Her problems are real and I can completely relate to her. Her former best friend Brie did many horrible things to her despite their long time friendship, and I can understand how hurtful and confused Chloe must be. What makes Chloe admirable is her power to always stay positive. This is such a brilliant debut and I can wait to read more amazing book from Shelley Coriell!

Because when you cared about people, you handed them a little piece of your heart, and with those hands, they had the power to cause pain.
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Hilda I love it! I wrote a review about it but haven't got the chance to post it... I love the main character, she's amazing! I know you're going to love this book too, Sam! :)

Pooja (On books!) Ooh. This was one of the first books I was approved for on NG! Yet to read it but I'm hoping it's good! So glad you like it, Hilda xD

Hilda Done posting the review! I enjoyed it immensely, so I hope you guys would too! The main character is simply AMAZING! <3

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