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Aug 04, 2008

did not like it
Read in August, 2008

** spoiler alert ** Dear lord. "Didn't like it" is a terrible, terrible understatement. I cannot believe I wasted my time with this book. The deeper and deeper I got into the absurdness of it all, I realized what it reminded me of: a bad fan fiction.

Let's start with the *shudder*...pregnancy. GAH! GAH GAH GAH! What was Meyer THINKING, making it possible for Bella to be pregnant? What the hell was she thinking?

Now that I read Meyer's statements more carefully, I realize that she never actually said it was impossible for a male vampire to impregnate a human girl, just that a female vampire couldn't bear children. I guess we (the readers) just jumped to conclusions with that.

But regardless, I have never thought of Bella as particularly maternal. So imagine my surprise when the fried chicken she makes one day nauseates her! My reaction: "...No! It can't be! She can't be! It's impossible, damn it!"

And then when she realizes she's late, here's my reaction: "NOOOOOOOOOOO! NO! NO NO NO NO NO! WHAT THE HELL!"

Yes, it's that bad.

And then shortly after it goes into "Book Two," which is Jacob's point of view.

Now, I hated Jacob. Almost. I guess it was more dislike, since I don't usually hate things. But anyways, I was expecting his view to be boring and disappointing.

But as we got further into it, I started to have a better understanding of him. It was refreshing to get a glimpse into his mind, to see his feelings. I have always been one of Team Edward before now, so imagine my surprise when I realize that Jacob is now one of my favorite characters!

Seth and Leah are great characters too. Leah really developed--all she needed was to be able to push away from Sam. I have always liked Leah, truthfully. But even though I liked her, I could never truthfully say she had a great personality. Breaking Dawn changed that.

And in Jacob's point of view, we see how badly the pregnancy is affecting Bella--this is also a good part of the book. Too often in fan fiction I see pregnant!Bella having a blissful time. But the pain and misery of it in Breaking Dawn is absolutely wonderful. A new take on it, I thought, and my opinion of the book increased as I got to that part.

But then the book just HAS to go to Bella's point of view again. And shortly after she gives birth (also plenty of pain there), she is dying, and Edward has to change her into a vampire quickly. I can't say I like the circumstances for the change, but alright. Fine. But the disappointment comes during the change.

She mentions the pain, the monstrous fire that keeps licking at her skin and causing her pain at every moment. But she fails to describe it well--after a while, she's grown used to it. How exactly do you get used to being in a fire? I just don't get that. And one other fact--she stays still throughout the whole transformation. She should be screaming, thrashing about. How did she suddenly become this "strong, silent type?"

Don't of the biggest disappointments is yet to come.

She wakes up, and all her senses have been magnified: the entire world looks different. That's not the disappointment, though.

The big disappointment is that there is barely any mention of thirst. Know why? Because she has this super-self-control that allows her to completely skip the typical YEARS of savageness, the newborn stage! Yes, everyone. She is that awesome.

She has become a Mary-Sue. If you don't know what that is, go look it up on Wikipedia now.

Is that not enough to convince you of her Sue-ness? Well, as if that's not enough, a little later she discovers that she can protect people with her mind!

But that's for later. Right now, let's rewind a little bit.

Remember Bella's kid? Turns out it's a girl. What's her name?


You heard right. Renesmee.

Try pronouncing that. I can think of a lot of mispronunciations: REEN-smee, REH-neh-smee, etc etc. Correct pronunciation: ruh-NEZ-may. Combo of Renee and Esme.

And as if that were not enough, she's nicknamed after the loch ness monster.

And as if THAT, were not enough, Jacob imprints on her.

Ugh. I mean, most of us want him to eventually get over Bella, right? But the way Meyer does it? It's like, POOF! The moment he sees Renesmee, Bella vanishes! She was never there!

It's laughable.

Using such an easy way of getting rid of Jacob. Ugh. Meyer could've at least spent time on the solution.

Meanwhile, a series of events which I don't feel like explaining happen which lead the Volturi to come to try to kill Nessie. Nessie is Renesmee, if you can't figure it out. Concerned, the Cullens gather seventeen other freaking vampires as witnesses. Don't ask me for what, I don't feel like explaining.

And obviously all of these vampires get along, even though most of them prey on humans and a whole neighborhood of them live a few miles away.

And as if that weren't enough, almost all of them have superpowers, completely deflating one of Meyer's earlier claims.

So here they are, all gathered, when suddenly the Volturi get convinced that Nessie is not a threat and they all leave peacefully--though not without killing Irina, who ratted all of them out but did so on a false claim.

And then they lived happily ever after.

Yes, that really happened. The title of the last chapter was even "Happily Ever After."

Personally, I would've liked to see a fight at the end.

But then, even after all this, you still say, "But at least Alice was there to make the story better, right?"

Well, no. She was barely there for anything. Which takes away a lot of the series' appeal.

And while we're on the topic of characters, may I also add that no one was acting in-character?

And while we're on the topic of out-of-character-ness, I would also like to say that Charlie found out about werewolves and that the Cullens weren't human (he doesn't know they're vampires, just that they aren't human), but guess what? He barely cares about it! Who would've thought?

Remember earlier, when I said this was like a bad fan fiction? Let's weigh all the characteristics.

Everything that happened in cliche fan fiction happened here, including:

- Pregnant Bella
- Stupid names
- OOC-ness (Out Of Character, if you can't figure it out)
- The commonness of gifted vampires
- Bella's self-control gift
- Two gifts for Bella
- Jacob imprinting
- Charlie knowing the secret

I'm sure there's more, but I don't want to think a lot.

Please don't read this.

August 30th, 2008 UPDATE:

Okay, so I've gotten over the initial shock of the book. I'm not going to write another review, because I'm still in denial that the book was actually okay. So I'm just going to say that I respect it. I'm never, ever going to like it, of course. But I respect it.

October 4th, 2008 UPDATE:

I changed my mind. I hate this book again with a passion. I no longer respect it or Meyer.
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Sherrie Great review, Ann! I couldn't agree more. It made me sick to my stomach how basically everything was ruined. Good characters completely wasted.


Complain to this email about the horrific destruction of the Twilight Series.

It only takes a few People to get the ball rolling. :)

Shannon Amen, my friends. Amen. I enjoy a good ending with loose-ends tied up like most people, but I'd rather have seen a lovelorn Jacob wandering the forest on four feet forever as opposed to imprinting on a newborn monster-hybrid. Or Bella losing her endearing human imperfections to become an uber-vampire complete with no newborn cravings, turbo sex drive and the ability to block all other vampire attacks with her mind. Ugh.

Emma  Blue Ann, thank god. You do not know how much I love your review right now. I even forgot about how rare special gifts were supposed to be! Damn you Meyer, DAMN YOU!

Emma  Blue Surprises? Surprises? Seriously?

message 17: by Ibwitchy (new)

Ibwitchy you ask-- "How exactly do you get used to being in a fire?" Personaly I became "use to being on fire" almost 5 years ago when I began my suffering with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Trust me when I tell you that I KNOW what it feels like for your body (ok, my hands, feet and neck) to actually feel like they are BURNING from the inside out. Others can feel the heat radiate off of me. My temperture spikes. SERIOUSLY, go to or many other sites and look this horrible incureable debilatating disease up. As I was only 32 when this began and thereby ending many aspects of my life, my only hope (hopeless and incurable are synonms) is to educate others to its devastating effects and maybe some compation for others who suffer but LOOK 'perfectly ok'
As to getting use to being on fire, it's amazing what one can get use to, when one has no choice, when the fire or the pain DOES NOT GO AWAY.

message 16: by Karen (new)

Karen No, I don't believe you get used to the pain. You just bear with it, but you don't "get used to it".

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay I just wanna say, it is you Ann and many other peole like you who ruin the book for everyone else (just freaking over obsevive fans)!

I agree getting used to pain is not likely if not impossible.

And you have some great points on some of the strange things, well I don't want to read it all over again, but I thought you were right Charlie needed to be more suprised or ask some more damn effing questions!!!

I think for Jake's part Meyer should just have wrote like a different book, like was going to with Midnight Sun.

Bad things you said:

Meyer did not ruin the rareness of "gifted" vampires. There were seventeen or so extra vampires at the Cullen's! Seventeen!!! And not all were gifted , granted we do need to add the "gifted" Cullen members, too. So, let's think this over, out of the whole world the vampires gathered at the field (Volturi and Cullend sided vampires) those are the only vampires in the world that have powers! Highly unlikely, you do not know how many out there have powers!!!

About Jake forgeting Bella, that is almost the same as Sam leaving Leah. DUH!!! >:P

Renesmee is a stange name, but I liked it and as I recall don't they say the prenouceation in the book...

Though I would have wished Meyer had not given Bella that weird super-control (Just add another book). And the pregnacy didn't have to be rushed (Again another book would have made that perfecly fine).

But the worst thing I think you said was that this was bad fan fiction. Here's the deal, if this is how Meyer wanted it than well damnit deal with it and she may have her reasons why it turned out this way.

This is the problem you are just so angry that this book did not turn out like your fan fiction you wrote that you say it is crappy fan ficton. And I rest my case! :)

Khadija i loved how you kept changing your mind, i went through the same thing. you have no idea how much i wanted to love this book, but i couldn't live in denial. at one point i had to walk away from the novel for a couple days while i debated if i should even waste my time with the rest of it. i was that angry.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)


message 12: by Jasmine (last edited Apr 01, 2010 09:24PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Jasmine Great review! I completely agree. :)

And, uhm, Magmeg1, you need to calm down. Really.

"U haven't got the right for an opinion..."

Uh. Last time I checked everyone had the right to their own opinion.

stacie williams Levi wrote: "Okay I just wanna say, it is you Ann and many other peole like you who ruin the book for everyone else (just freaking over obsevive fans)!

I agree getting used to pain is not likely if not impo..."

do u think ur an expert or what u can get use to pain

stacie williams Jasmine (ReadSleepRead) wrote: "Great review! I completely agree. :)

And, uhm, Magmeg1, you need to calm down. Really.

"U haven't got the right for an opinion..."

Uh. Last time I checked everyone had the right to their own o..."

who cares if u agree yall all suck all the twilight books are good and the movies too just dont know anything

message 9: by Jasmine (last edited May 26, 2010 11:44AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Jasmine Goodreads isn't a site for only hardcorse Stephanie Meyer fans, people with all different opinions are on this site. So why are you yelling at people for having an opinion? I love Twilight, but that doesn't mean I love all of the books in the series. and that's just MY opinion, and apparently I share the opinion of many people on this site. Just because you have a different opinion that doesn't mean you have to be rude about it.

stacie williams i am not yelling THIS IS YELLING i was saying ppl shouldnt say she got anything wrong when she is the author and where do u come off telling me anything i can be whatever i want

Jasmine . . .okay. I'm so not going to have a fight with a virtual person, so fine be whatever and act however you want.

stacie williams im real and we arent fighting we r arguing i will act whatever way i want i dont need ur permission

message 4: by Lucca Thiago (new)

Lucca Thiago Campos Lovely review Ann, IMHO I still can't believe how books like these get published. These agencies are lowering their standards each day that comes by, feel like writing a book now considering my chances.

Shreya It's just absolutely juvenile of u to not a writers creativeness and not accept it completely . So what if Bella got pregnant ? It's just a part of the story and the way Meyer has explained it is just flawless

Anvita No book could gain popularity without adding some unexpected events. Even i was bewildered at the realization that Bella was pregnant and i my earlier review, I did write that at that point of time, my reading pace became horribly slow. Reason: I had to take breaks almost after every 5 or 10 pages to digest all the absurd happenings.
I disagree with you. a 'Pregnant Bella' is surely hard to envision but then that appears out as a very cute family: Edward as a father, Bella as a mother and Renesmee as a wonderful daughter.
And as for the 'Commonness of the gifted vampires', maybe the Cullens gathered only those vampires who were gifted or maybe only the gifted ones were brought to the limelight. Who knows?
Next debatable issue: 'Bella had two gifts.' I contradict this statement. Bella had just one gift- the shield. 'The-Super-Self-Control' was ostensibly, not a gift. It was just the result of preparation and devotion.
As for the names, Its the choice of the near ones of the baby. I like 'Renesmee' very much, otherwise it also depends upon one's choice.
And the part about the Volturi's opposition is completely acceptable as well. That was the main part of the story. Confusion between vampire-human hybrid and immortal children.
The last place I disagree with you: after reading eclipse, it was quite clear to me that Bella would choose Edward and Jacob HAD to imprint on someone, it was a NECESSITY to end the series happily. So what if he imprinted upon Renesmee? The idea of Jacob coming out as Bella and Edward's son-in-law is absolutely queer but that's where you get an opportunity to appreciate the creativeness of the writer.
According to me, STEPHENIE MEYER ROCKS!!!!!!!! Hats off to her!

Anvita Anvita wrote: "No book could gain popularity without adding some unexpected events. Even i was bewildered at the realization that Bella was pregnant and i my earlier review, I did write that at that point of time..."

I am not IMPOSING my ideas upon you Ann, just trying to make you see from the other perspective...

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