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Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding by Sharon Kendrick
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Okay so this book really irritated me. Why is it in every HP that I read, the heroine gets pregnant even though they have been using a CONDOM the whole time?! Really? There is not a very high percentage of that happening, even though Yes, I know it can. Does everything have to be so PC? I'm a grown ass woman, I don't need an author to be so patronizingly PC. I already know that people should have safe sex. In the real world though, women usually don't get pregnant using a condom. It's usually by both parties making a mistake...

Needless to stay, this book was very unrealistic. I usually don't like it when the heroine gets pregnant and the hero has to marry her because of it anyway. This was not my favorite trope. I can never make myself believe that the hero really wants to be with her for true love and not the baby. I mean, he didn't want to marry her before, so... In this particular book, he didn't even care or concern himself about her after she left, and seemed really annoyed even when she called him. So I can safely say that no he was not thinking about marrying this chick, but somehow she gets pregnant while using a CONDOM and he marries her and has a light bulb moment in the end and loves her more than life itself! Yeah okay...

I was actually enjoying the book for the most part, until it annoyed me halfway through. I really liked the beginning of it when the couple first met. I liked the fact that he just met her in a department store and it was instant attraction, and she fell for his cheesy lines. Too bad I can't rate it higher than a 2.5 stars. I just didn't care for the execution of this book.
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13.0% "I can’t really imagine you peeling potatoes or hammering a nail in a wall.’ ‘The former is what I’d expect a woman to do,’ he said, with a faint glimmer of a smile. ‘The hammering part of the equation wouldn’t be a problem.’ Classic Sharon Kendrick hero! Lol"
22.0% "‘What the hell are you doing letting a man take your virginity from you on a first date?’ he demanded."
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Aayesha Khatri I loved this book so much xD

LuvGirl I can definitely see how some readers might be drawn in by this book. I was really enjoying it at first.

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