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Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy
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Mar 11, 2012

really liked it
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Who would have thought that ghosts could be so sexy? In her Frostbite series, Stacey Kennedy shows us that they can be smart and sensitive and very yummy indeed and in the series’ second book, Demonically Tempted, she also shows how they can have you cheering and distraught all at once.

Demonically Tempted starts off shortly after book one ends off. Tess is now an official staff member of the police department and is about to work her first cold case. Tess is the perfect person to assist in these cases since not only can she see ghosts but she can also communicate with them. Pretty nifty trick. I love Tess’ snark and humor – it’s one of the best parts of the series. As for her gift, in book one Tess wishes she didn’t have it but eventually understands that she could really do some good with it. I loved how she came to terms with things at the end of the first book. But in this book, she seems to be back to not being a fan of things again. I sort of wanted to smack her sometimes while reading because one minute she seemed okay with the idea of helping ghosts find peace then the next minute she was whining like a toddler who just lost dropped his ice cream cone. She was a little all over the place with her role. It is character appropriate but I would have thought that after the way the first book left off that she would have been more comfortable in her skin and in her role as a police ‘assistant’ but instead she complained almost every chance she got. I do love how she progresses in this book and how she takes total ownership of herself by the end of things. I only hope it continues into the next book because as much as I love smart sassy Tess, I am bothered by whiny complaining Tess.

Kipp, a ghost, is yummy as always. I love his ‘caveman’ ways when it comes to Tess and I love how he is with her. He wasn’t as big of a presence in this book as the last but there is a very good reason for that…and when you find out what that reason is you will go “what? really? omg and holy cow and whoa…” all at once. I am referring to the twist/cliffhanger at the end. Don’t worry, it’s not the type that makes you want to gauge your eyes out, but it will make you want Stacey to tell us that she has secretly been working on book three and happens to be releasing today! *looks at Stacey expectantly* *sigh, no such luck* I agree with many when they say that I like where the story seems to be going and I can’t wait to see how this twist plays out. And yes, by the end of this book you will be able to say “aw…so that’s how they are going to get their HEA when this is all over with” which helped relieve some of the wonder I had about that.

There is one character that I didn’t really understand why he was there and that was Dane. Well, I sort of know why he was there but really, remove him from the story and it could still have worked – as long as you replace him with someone else in one little bit crucial scene. But other than that scene that helped snowball events, I just kept calling him ‘jerk’ and wanted him to leave. Yes, that was the point of him but still. I hope he stays gone.

I still adore the police officers that Tess works with. They are all adorable and I want to squeeze their cheeks – which cheeks you decide *wink*. I also really enjoyed Gretchen. She’s a witch and she’s great.

The mystery was enjoyable and the demon twist on the book was also really neat. It was interesting to see how Stacey wrote her demons and their dimensions and how witchcraft came into play too. Quite cool.

Overall, I like where Tess ended up in this book and I like the direction the series is taking. I am very interesting in founding out how Stacey is going to get Tess and Kipp out of the mess she created for them at the very end. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride for them but totally worth it in the end.

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