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A Bodyguard of Lies by Donna Del Oro
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Mar 11, 2012

it was amazing
Read in March, 2012

My review:

I loved this book! My attention was caught immediately from the first page and it kept my interest until the very last page! Bodyguard of Lies is well-written, it has interesting mystery story, captivating characters and historical back flashes to historical events during the World War II.

Regarding the plot:

Bodyguard of Lies had two story lines. The book started with prologue from 1941 we you meet one of the main characters Mary McCoy. Then you are brought back to the present time where FBI investigator Jake Bernstein gets a mission to cooperate with British MI5 to find a Nazi spy who worked in England in the War Office during World War II.

Jake is sent to Ireland where he meets with two ladies: an old woman who is suspected to be connected to the spy and she has a beautiful and sweet granddaughter who travels with her.

The plot is filled with many sudden surprises and develops very smoothly. Each page I turned I realized that I really want to know how it ends, who is Mary McCoy and how will Jake's case be ended and how the relationship between Mary's granddaughter Meg and Jake will end. The plot was filled with action, twists and turns, had quick pace and was genuinely driven by the characters!

Regarding the characters:

As said the plot was very good, but let me tell you, the characters and their personal stories were excellently written! I really enjoyed the characters! They were believable, lovable (even Mary McCoy!) and that made Bodyguard of Lies an excellent reading experience.

My absolute favorite character was Mary McCoy. Her story was horrible, sad, cruel - but yet I really enjoyed reading about her. Mary McCoy survived the war and that made her a hard and bitter woman. After the ward she simply closed and blocked her past, until she is contacted by the French couple and lets herself to get manipulated.

Mary McCoy is a conflicted character. From one side she has been supportive to her children and grandchildren and has been like a mom for Meg. From the other side she is hiding a very dark past, being responsible for awful events. She carries her past with her and even though none of her people around her will understand her, she is proud of her past, too. I loved her character, but I despised it equally much.

I adored Meg. She is a loving granddaughter of Mary and when Jake appears and especially when she finds out who Jake is and what his motives are, is still believing in her grandmother. When the truth gets out, she still loves her grandmother and she is very brave of accepting who her grandmother really is.

Jake was a great protagonist! Trustworthy, reliable, handsome and smart.


Bodyguard of Lies is an excellent mystery story! I absolutely loved it! It was easy to read and it was one of the most captivating mystery stories I have read lately! Definitely a must read!

5 stars!

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