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Feed by M.T. Anderson
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Mar 11, 2012

Read in March, 2012

I have to start by saying that Feed is the most blatantly science fiction novel I have ever read. There are made up words like “youch” and the story is set in an unimaginable future. Everyone is operated by a feed or computer chip that controls every bodily function and brain process. The people are constantly badgered by companies to buy products based on their customer profile. The novel follows Unit who meets a girl named Violet who tries to resist the feed.

As a reader, I was disappointed with how the novel ended. Many parts of the novel were strange such as how people had lesions on their bodies because their skin was falling off. However, I still had an interest in Violet being able to resist the feed and experience what was left of the real world before dying. Unit’s character was just annoying; he turned his back on Violet when she needed him most! I also did not like the narrator’s voice. The way it was like Unit talking to the reading made the book seem whiney and obnoxious, to me, but I could see how a younger reader could be drawn to it.

As a teacher, this novel would be very fascinating to use when discussing how technology can interfere with life. So many people today require phones and internet for everything; in fact, you are reading this review online right now. I think students could write about the future and how they think technology can positively and negatively affect our lives. Do they think that the feed is possible? There are many societal questions to be raised by young people after reading this novel. Also, as I said the voice in this book is unique. It could be an interesting writing experiment to have students write as Anderson did in this book.

By Vicki Wilkinson and Natalie Spindle

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