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The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper
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Mar 11, 2012

really liked it

I probably should wait until I'm finished re-reading these (I read them a few years ago when I was looking for a fantasy series for my nephew and just recently picked them up again for fun) but patience is not something I'm known for. I love this series. It's far superior to many young adult series, and while it's not quite as extensive or in-depth as Harry Potter (and as a result has less developed characters and plot)I find it impressive in its own way. The connections with the Arthurian legend are an excellent way to further a child's exposure to the classics, and the writing is skillful and engaging. The second book is especially compelling, though my personal favorite (likely because of the power and importance given to women through the making of the greenwitch and Jane's compassion and important role) is #3-Greenwitch. Although #4 won the Newbery, it's one of my least favorites of the series, perhaps because of Will's memory loss (which, in fact, may be one of its strengths, though frustrating for some readers, including me. Another really admirable quality of these books is the use of vocabulary; while accessible to young adults, it in no way "dumbs down" the language, and could serve especially effective as texts wihch will elevate the vocabulary of the reader. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys young adult fiction, especially those interested in the fantasy genre. It's impressive and compelling, and a skillful connection to classic legends.

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