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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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Aug 05, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: i-own, chick-lit
Recommended for: die-hard Twilight fans only
Read in August, 2008

Only Four Stars? Is that even possible?

Yes. And Here's Why:

Ms. Meyer has her hands full, trying to keep everyone happy. It's impossible, but she sure tried to do it and it showed. She explained so many facets thoroughly and in deep detail, as if in defense against an angry mob of soon-to-be-ex-fans. It is rather difficult to describe; the writing felt sort of like an apologist's style. That's ultimately what kept it from being a five-star review, in my opinion.

I will not put spoilers in this review, only my impressions and reactions to the book, which may not appeal to you. Sorry! For those of you that have read the book completely, the rest of this review will only make sense to you. Maybe.

Ms. Meyer thew a bone to the Jacob fans who are disappointed about Bella's wedding (that's not really a spoiler, okay?) by letting him take over the narration for a while. Some people complained about that, but can you imagine just how nauseatingly claustrophobic it would have made the reader to experience Bella's viewpoint during that section? I mean, really, she had such a focus on her very limited situation, and there was more to the plot going on than just Bella's deal. So, I understand the decision to use Jacob's narrative voice. Which was a refreshing change up! I liked his voice, by the way, and I've never actually been a Jacob fanatic.

Of course Ms. Meyer broke her own universe's ground rules, which didn't bother me as much as it should've. After I got over the shock of THAT broken ground rule, I realized how inevitable it would be to the moving-forward of the story. It was kind of like looking at the time played on the DVD player to determine if the movie was almost concluded, and if not, how much more plot we'd have to wade through.

One other reason I appreciated Jacob's narration was that it made the other minefield of a plot twist that much less stomach-turning. I had read the spoilers out there on the web, and couldn't believe that particular point. It just didn't make any sense. It was downright repulsive to me in black and white like that. However, after having read Jacob's section, I seemed slightly more open to the "thing" that happened.

At the ending, Ms. Meyer seemed compelled to relay, in excruciating detail, every minute emotion of too many characters all at once. It got quite tiring, to tell the truth.

All told, it was worth the wait for me. I read Twilight right after Eclipse came out, so it was just 1-2-3, bam-bam-bam. However, when (and not if, when) the next book in the saga is released, I'll pre-order it but keep my perspective and not be salivating quite so badly to read it.

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