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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
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Apr 12, 2012

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Read from March 25 to 26, 2012

3.5 stars Liked, but didn't quite love, although I think a lot of readers will go crazy over this one. There's a preview chapter for the Iron Fey spinoff at the end too, Julie Kagawa fans!

Review to come.
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03/25/2012 page 131
27.0% "Ooo, she cries tears of blood. :D" 10 comments

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Katherine oh wow your reading this? Is this anygood? You liking it so far?

Wendy Darling I had a hard time getting into it at first, Katherine, but it's suddenly gotten really interesting! I'm at around 20% or so and I'm starting to really enjoy it.

Franz Megan Wow, you're so lucky to have an Arc of this :)

Soumi Wendy, have you seen the first chapter of The Iron prince in the end of Immortal rule?

message 5: by Liyana (new)

Liyana Nice! And very creepy.

Wendy Darling Thanks Franz--just one more month until publication, though! So not too much longer to wait. :)

Yes, I saw there was a preview at the end, Soumi. I'm sure it will make Iron Fey fans crazy with excitement, hah.

Yeah, it's nice that the cover actually ties in with the book, Liyana for once, Liyana. :)

Angela Oh, if I had only known you were reading this, we could have done a pseudo read-along! I started late last week and am still having trouble getting into it. :(

Angela P.S. Did you notice the whitewashing of the cover? I can't believe there hasn't been more commentary on it.

Wendy Darling Oh, that's too bad! I considered not finishing it at first, Angela, but things actually do start picking up around 20% or so. After that things start getting more interesting.

And yes, I noticed the whitewashing for sure. I am very surprised by it, and I will be mentioning it in my review.

Bonnie I'm currently reading this and I'm enjoying it but there's something off about it and I can't put my finger on it.

Angela @Wendy: Hmmm, I'm at about the 40% mark and still not feeling it. It's better than it was, but I still don't feel really attached to it. I will rely on your feedback that it gets better and keep trudging through. :)

I plan to do the same re: the whitewashing and my review. I just couldn't believe it when Allison's appearance is repeatedly noted as Asian and her last name is Sekemoto. I just did a Google search for "immmortal rules whitewashing," and I'm surprised to not find anything about it floating around in the blogosphere.

Wendy Darling I think I might've read too many vampire books, Bonnie. There isn't any one thing in particular that stood out, but it did feel very much like other books/films I've experienced before. I liked some elements of this, but overall I had a very hard time feeling invested in characters. For some reason I also felt pretty lukewarm towards Allie. I know we're supposed to think she's feisty and such, but I was fairly indifferent towards her until the end. And even then it was more of a "she's not bothering me as much" feeling than a "she's awesome" feeling.

Ah, well then I think you may have the same reaction I did, Angela. "Better than it was, but not attached" is how I felt, too. It never really reached a point where I couldn't put it down or I felt strongly invested in the characters, though. It's more of a 3 for me, though I'm giving it a 3.5 for certain parts that I did like, and in acknowledgement that it's my lack of connection to it rather than any huge glaring faults I would point out.

It would have been so easy for them to use an Asian girl on the cover, especially for this mood/type of book. And in fact, it probably would have helped to sell the story, especially given that the author is Japanese herself. It's very strange.

Bonnie I think it's the same for me, I've just read too many. Plus I think I went into this comparing it to her Iron Fey series and I think that was the wrong way to go (because now I can't get it out of my head haha). I'm enjoying it a lot more than her Iron Fey series but solely for the fact that it's dark and gritty and I prefer that type of book... but as it is, it's not jumping out at me as something amazing.

Wendy Darling See, I had a hard time getting into Iron Fey, too, Bonnnie. (Sorry, I know many of my friends are huge fans!) I love the dark vampire thing much more than faeries though, so I thought I'd like this more, too. I think I'm just not a good match for this author's writing style. I agree, it's not as amazing as I hoped it would be.

Bonnie It took me forever to get through that series but I finally did (only recently) but I didn't give it high marks. Am also way more into vampires than faeries.

I keep stopping this and coming back to it... it's huge too! I'm only about 200 pages in.

Wendy Darling It IS a huge book! I'm actually kind of surprised I finished, given how relatively indifferent I felt towards the characters. If it weren't for the fact that the action scenes are very well written, I think I probably would have put it down. I'm glad it's not just me, though. I think most of the reviews are 5-star raves so far.

I keep saying I'll try the Iron Fey series again sometime, but after reading this and hearing your reaction to IF, I tend to doubt I'll change my mind about them. I'm just not connecting with these books for whatever reason.

Bonnie Yeah, there have been a lot of 5 star reviews so far. I haven't read any reviews though (I tend to avoid them till I'm done with reading it myself)

Yeah... I do believe the only reason I continued after the 1st IF book was because I had already requested the 4th one on netgalley. I learned my lesson on requesting future books in series I haven't read yet. lol

Wendy Darling I haven't read any of them either, but the 5 stars and exclamation points speak for themselves, hah.

Um, same here, Bonnie. I ended up declining the fourth book because it was clear I just wasn't going to get around to it anytime soon, hah. I have learned my lesson as well. It's so hard when you think you might like something though, and it's right there.

message 19: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH I agree with you guys. I gave the book 4 stars, but I think it may be a 3.5 once I write my review. I actually liked the first 2 parts, found the middle a little slow and the ending was OK for me.

It also felt like book 1 of a series, but I didn't see anything about it continuing on.

Bonnie True. :)

The 4th book wasn't horrible and I actually really liked the 3rd one but the 1st and 2nd were damn near painful. lol I'm still shocked that I made it through. I did that with the Aftertime (zombie) series too. Ended up declining those though. I don't allow myself to request any future installment books unless I'm ready to read it immediately. Too much risk. :D

Bonnie I want to say that it's supposed to be a trilogy but I'm not positive.

AtenRa There's an Iron Fey spin off? I had no idea, but I am not that surprised...

Princess Allie I'm having a hard time finishing the iron series, but this book looks promising

message 24: by Maria (new)

Maria I think it was the weekend of The Immortal Rules ARC received.In every blog i saw there was always someone saying that she got it as well (I got it too hello?lol) Anyway i haven't read any books from Julie Kagawa this will be the first one! Hope i wont get dissapointed! =)

message 25: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH It says Blood of Eden #1 so I guess another book is planned.

Wendy Darling Oh good, I'm glad you felt similarly, AH. I thought the ending was okay, too--about what you'd expect. This has to be a series, though, there are definitely loose ends and a clear intention for the story to continue. (I wish this sort of thing were made clear on the blurbs, etc.) I'll probably pick it up eventually just to see what happens, although I'm not salivating over it or anything.

Hah, I don't know if I can wait until book 3 for a series to get good, Bonnie. And yes, I felt the same way as you did about Aftertime. I still haven't read Rebirth yet, it's sitting in my very long Netgalley queue. Bad Wendy!

Wendy Darling AtenRa, yes--I didn't know about the spinoff either, but definitely not a surprise.

Princess Allie--Bonnie and I were just saying we weren't big fans of Iron Fey and this one ended up being a middling read, so...take that for what that's worth.

Hope you enjoy, Maria. :) Most people seem to be loving it.

Paige, you're right, the pacing was very uneven. I didn't mind the parts when she was learning to be a vampire, actually, I was kind of bored by all the stuff that came before her change. But there were definitely large sections that I could have done without. And hah, I dunno--I always have trouble writing reviews for books I feel more lukewarm about. Look forward to comparing notes when I get mine done!

Bonnie Wendy Darling wrote: "Oh good, I'm glad you felt similarly, AH. I thought the ending was okay, too--about what you'd expect. This has to be a series, though, there are definitely loose ends and a clear intention for the..."

hahaha I know. I'm not sure why I pushed myself so hard to get to that point anyways. Now a days I think I would've called it quits. I did call it quits on Rebirth... I already declined it. Oh well. Can't like them all.

Wendy Darling Bonnie wrote: "Can't like them all."

...well, we can't like them all. :D

Bonnie Wendy Darling wrote: "Bonnie wrote: "Can't like them all."

...well, we can't like them all. :D"

True. :)

Farrah How was it in comparison to the Iron Fey series? I really loved that series and I'm hoping I'll love this one as much :)

Wendy Darling I would say that if you love Iron Fey, Farrah, you'll probably love this one. That seems to be the way the chips are falling. :)

message 33: by Erin (new)

Erin That cover is appalling...

Wendy Darling Erin wrote: "That cover is appalling..."

Because of the whitewashing, you mean?

Jennifer I agree about the cover... the covers for the Iron Fey series are so pretty, this one kind of pales in comparison.

Wendy Darling Oh, I actually like this cover, Jennifer, and it fits in with the darker, more serious tone of this book. But the main character is Asian, so we were talking earlier about how it's strange that the cover model clearly is not.

message 37: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH Wendy Darling wrote: "Oh, I actually like this cover, Jennifer, and it fits in with the darker, more serious tone of this book. But the main character is Asian, so we were talking earlier about how it's strange that the..."

That is so weird about the cover model. They really got it wrong.

Wendy Darling And such an easy thing to have gotten right, too. :(

Franz Megan Wendy Darling wrote: "Thanks Franz--just one more month until publication, though! So not too much longer to wait. :)

Yes, I saw there was a preview at the end, Soumi. I'm sure it will make Iron Fey fans crazy with exc..."

Yeah, I am so excited to read it :D

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

the status updates coming in for this seem very dark, almost like horror. can you confirm or deny my suspicions?

Wendy Darling Definitely on the darker/horror side of urban fantasy, Kate, with viciously feeding vampires. It's not the romantic PNR thing at all.

Hope you enjoy it when you get it, Franz. :)

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm going to try anyways. Even though that doesn't sound like what I usually like. I've been swept away by everyone elses anticipation and excitement.

Wendy Darling Hm, I will be curious to see what you think, Kate. I normally like books like this a lot, and I wasn't part of that "swept away thing," hah. But you just never know! You might enjoy it, most people seem to be raving about it.

Lynn ಠ_ಠ I'll probably like and not love this then, since your preferences are almost always spot on for me.

message 45: by Erin (new)

Erin Wendy, on the subject of the cover, I was referring to the emo tear of blood.

Wendy Darling Well, I look forward to seeing what you think of this, Lynn.

Erin, I guess the cover is a little bit like a cheesy album cover from the 80s, hah. What can I say, I still think it's an arresting image. And she really does cry blood!

message 47: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby Looking forward to reading it, however much like you, I am very weary of the vampire tropes out there. Hoping the writing stands up. I did like the IF series but have to admit to not reading TIKnight yet. Not sure why. One of those "save it for later" things I guess.

Wendy Darling I think if you enjoy this author's other series, you'll like this one, Sophie. For some reason I have a hard time connecting with her writing style, even though I liked this one overall. Look forward to seeing what you think when you get around to it!

message 49: by BiblioJen (new) - added it

BiblioJen Wendy - I will be looking forward to your review. I *really* liked the Iron Fey series. In fact, I might have spent some time agonizing over whether to join Team Ash (for a winter prince, he was HOT!) vs. Team Puck (and I am a sucker for a guy with a great sense of humor!) However, I can certainly see how Kagawa's writing style would not be everyone's "cuppa tea." Yet again, I listened to them all as audiobooks, and I think that helped with the flow. I plan to give this new series a try too!

Wendy Darling Hah, I know there are a lot of Ash and Puck fans out there. :) I think if you enjoy Iron Fey, you'll enjoy this, Jen! It is nice to see her branching out from faeries, though.

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