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Burn the Night by Jocelynn Drake
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** spoiler alert ** Since this is the last book in the series,I am going to do a super review:

Who died &who killed them:
1.) Jabari- Mira killed him
2.) Aurora- Nyx & Rowe
3.) Daniel & his family- Naturi killed him
4.) Amanda-Naturi

New Relationships
1.)Mira and Denaus
2.)Nyx and Rowe
3.)Barret and Shelly??

New Characters:
1.) Adio: The head liege,he is like Mira,born of a godly parent and then turned night walker. He knows Ryan(the warlock,who is turned into a vamp by Valerio,but doesn't know who turned him)His mother is the Goddess of the Dawn.
2.) Kane: Naturi,head of the Animal clan

Where They Ended Up:
Well Nick is put into a cage, where the Goddess of the Dawn,Eos,was.
Everything comes out,about the para-normal and stuff.
Mira and Denaus are in the end in Hawaii

Overall I can't say that I just adored this book,to to me it seemed as if the end was just thrown together.

So that's my review...

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