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The Endless Knot by Stephen R. Lawhead
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Mar 23, 2012

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It's delightful to return to books you read years ago and be surprised by them all over again, having totally forgotten the plot twists in the meantime.
In the conclusion of the Song of Albion trilogy, we return to Llew as narrator--again, it's a little confusing, because it takes a page or so to figure out we've left Tegid behind. And Llew is now most definitely Llew; Lewis has been totally overtaken by this strong kingly figure.
It's rare that the second book of a trilogy is my favorite, but I just felt that this conclusion didn't live up to its predecessor. Not that it wasn't a good book; it was a very interesting and wondrously imaginative (downright spooky, sometimes) episodic adventure novel, with just the right dash of love thrown in. One of the twists I saw coming from the first introduction of the character, but I think Lawhead meant to walk you down that path easily. And the ending--man, the ending is intense, and awesome, and unexpected. The end ending (there are kind of two, in a way, like the many endings of The Return of the King) wasn't really all that swell, partially because I'd totally forgotten who one of the characters was. That, I think, is this book's greatest weaknesses: Lawhead has so many strands spinning that some of them just get lost in the shuffle and, when they're picked up again, I felt super disconnected to that plot line.
But, after all things, there is the simple beauty of Albion. Basically any time Tegid did anything, it was awesome. And the descriptions, even of wasted Tir Aflan, were so vivid that it makes me want to listen to Celtic music for a month. Really, it's a great weekend read, and a reminder why Lawhead is one of my favorite authors--the man is a champion storyteller.

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