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One Small Thing by Piper Vaughn
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Mar 10, 2012

really liked it
Read from March 10 to May 17, 2012

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Take a flirty, Twink-ish bartender/cosmetology student named Rue (do NOT call him Rufus, or Underoo for that matter) who got very drunk one night and had sex with a girl. Add in said girl’s pregnancy with no inclination whatsoever to keep the baby. Spin well with a nerdy, neurotic, sorta-out-there, until now asexual Star Wars obsessed writer named Erik. For extra dash, add in an amazing best friend named Dusty (Uncle Dustpan). What you end up with is a sweet, funny, a little messed up family that takes the long way to get there.

Rue did have sex one night with a female, resulting in an unwanted (by her) pregnancy. Rue himself, though his parents kept him, was an unwanted child. He refuses to allow his child that same heartbreak, and wants to take the baby, who he names Alice. The first big problem hits when Rue has to go back to school. Dusty watches Alice while Rue works the club, but he’s in school same time as Rue. What to do? Rue tries, and tries hard, to find caring day care. I loved this part because anyone who can’t afford to pay outrageous fees every week knows how difficult it is to find someone you can trust to watch your precious babies. In desperation, he turns to the nerdy new neighbor, Erik. Erik does NOT want to watch Alice, at all. The problem is that he is desperately in need of money, and Rue has continually offered more. When a bitch neighbor comments about Rue not getting people due to being a faggot, something snaps for Erik, and he offers to do it. He freaks out, but he offers.

So begins the journey of Erik learning to love baby Alice, while Rue has his own journey in accepting what is right in front of him.

Hmmm, what do I love about this book? So much. Rue is my kind of character, brassy, funny, loyal and scared. That Erik is a virgin, and I could completely understand why he was (and not in a negative way). That Erik is so neurotic but when it comes down to it, he does what needs to be done (Dusty’s ex is a bastard). Silly phrases, such as Weirdy McWeirderson had me laughing so hard I was getting weird looks or “wanted to wrap myself around him like a clingy little emo octopus and never let go”. The huge fistfuls of baby wipes for Erik’s first attempt at a diaper change. Rue’s black and purple hair. Erik’s stutter. The misunderstanding that due to their personalities I could so see happening. Could go on and on.

Let’s just recommend it immensely for those who like babies in their books, families and sweetness.
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