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Key of Valor by Nora Roberts
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Jul 26, 12

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Main Character

The main character of this last installment of the trilogy is Zoe. She is a character referred to as "Little Warrior" and "Little Mother" (she is the only one of the 3 women with a child, a 10 year old son named Simon). She appeals to me because of her resourceful and powerful personality, wrapped up in a blanket of reservations that eventually gets pulled away to reveal a very strong, very spunky woman who came up swinging even when life threw dirt in her face.

She does not whine incessantly, she does not complain, she doesn't bask in the pity of others and after a long string of really popular books (I know you can think of a few you've read yourself) which features a really flimsy, flaky female character, Zoe was a welcome!

Zoe was endearing and interesting in this book (as she was in the past books as well). In her life she's had to face ridicule (her mother), rejection (Simon's father), and struggle (making ends meat with no education and a little child) and she manages to come out on top (not without fighting).

While Zoe is fantastic it is not just her story this time around. This is the final book of the trilogy, so while the focus is on Zoe, who has been charged with the responsibility of finding the last key to release the souls of the demigoddesses (who they are themselves), it's all about catching us up with the other two characters and tying things up.

General Thoughts

Key of Valor was my favorite of the 3 in this trilogy. I'm going to put a guess down and say that it's because Zoe is my favorite of the three women and I was just naturally inclined to prefer the last of the books since it featured her.

Also, while the final book in a trilogy is bittersweet (no more books for that storyline!) it's also very exciting because the story wraps itself up, everyone is enlightened, and issues are resolved. This may be another reason I preferred the last book over the others.

Regardless this was the book the made the trilogy a 5 star for me. Nora Roberts was able to bring everything around full circle, tying up all the loose ends, and making sure that there were plenty of moments that would lend the reader to thinking things might not end happily.

Of course... it's Nora Roberts. It's a romance novel. Very rarely do romance novels end badly for the main characters. In the end the girl gets the guy, the bad guys get the boot, and everyone lives happily ever after. Knowing that, I have to give Ms. Roberts credit for trying to make us think that the Happy ending wasn't going to happen.

I found a few people didn't enjoy this last book as much because the story line was just stretched too far, the plot (find the key, fall in love so on and so on) was too boring the 3rd time.

One of the reasons that I rate this trilogy so highly is that, for me, this was NOT the case at all! I was surprised that the story was still interesting and appealing even though it really was just a recycle of the other plots with a new people plugged into the integral roles.

Recommended To

In my humble bookie opinion, this trilogy is one of the best ever written by Roberts. For her fans and fans of Magical Romance it is a definite TO BE READ!

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