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127 Hours by Aron Ralston
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Mar 09, 12

this book 127 hours between a rock and a hard place is about this guy Aron Ralston. he absolutley loves to hike. Aron is very passionate when it comes to his hiking and family. he has had very cool adventures, such as traveling from place to place. Aron grew up with hiking thats why he became so good at it. he never gave up on what he loved even at times when he felt like it was to much he just kept going and going. he is a good role model for everyone because he stays with what he wants to do. the main charecter in this book is Aron Ralston. and my favorite charecter is Aron because the book is all about him.

i relate to Aron because we both love to hike but not as much as him. he and his friends go on hikes and me and my family every once and a while ill go on hikes with my also. but he is very inspirational. i always like to get as much physical activities as i can. Aron is very physical because he hikes rides, bikes,etc.

i liked this book a lot because it has the same interests as me. my favorite part is when he gets into a fight with a bear because its interesting to me that he fought a bear and didnt get hurt really. i didnt really have a least favorite part. mostly because it was all good.

i recomend this book to people who like biography kind of books. its very entertaining throughout the whole book . but i definetly recomend this book to lots of people.

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