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Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Rating: 1.5 stars
I've been wanting to read this book for awhile
If it has zombies in it i'm usually interested
this book was disappointing
I was wanting to read a totally awesome zombie book and instead got the book of blah
It wasn't terrible but it just bored me
I know
That's weird
How can a zombie book be boring?
But it's true!
The characters are badly developed and the whole book was a flipping mess!
This happened
and that happened
and that
and that
it just seemed that everything was either happening all at once or just random junk being thrown together.
It took me so much willpower to finish this book.
(it's really really really extremely rare for me to not finish a book)

Right off the back this book started to annoy me with everyone at school stinkn hating him.

I know this is weird to say thing being that this book is paranormal but...
that is completely unrealistic!
I have been a loner all of my life and I have never had everyone in the flipping school hate me.
It made me feel slightly better when it was explained but I thought it was a kinda stupid explaination.

I did not like this book
I might get book two at the library if I see it
....or maybe not

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