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Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Mar 29, 12

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Read from March 09 to 13, 2012

From stopping zombies from eating his classmates to learning that he will grow up to bring nothing but pain and misery to those he loves, 15 year old Nick Gautier can't seem to catch a break. Dark and ancient forces have begun to circle and if he doesn't learn to use his powers to defend himself soon, he'll be dead before he's old enough to go on his first date. Unfortunately for him, that's not his only problem. Vicious rumors about his fellow classmates start spreading around school and he needs to find out who's behind the terrible lies before things turn deadly.

There's a lot going on in this book but no matter where the story went, it kept coming back to Nick and his mother Cherise. Their relationship is important to the series and while I've been a fan of her in the past because of her love for Nick, I found Cherise to be too judgmental and harsh in this book. Despite everything that's working against him, Nick is still a great student who lends a helping hand whenever anyone needs him and would give or do anything to make his mother happy but it's like she doesn't see that. She doesn't give him the benefit of the doubt when he's dragged into yet another crappy situation that really isn't his fault and is quick to condemn him. She's able to hurt him with just a look and it feels as if she's punishing him for what his father is and did when he's more than proved he's a good kid. I'm not going to say I now despise Cherise but her nagging is unjustified and is quickly getting old.

When Nick manages not to be in hot water with his mother, he's getting to the bottom of who is spreading horrible lies about people around school. I honestly didn't care much for this story. It was a little too high school drama for me, which I expected because this is a YA book but none of that is really for me.

What I enjoyed most about this book is when Nick is learning more about what he is, what he will become capable of, and the horrible fallout that will happen if he's captured by the demons. All of its interesting and I was happy to see that Sherrilyn Kenyon has started to layout how this series will merge with her Dark Hunter one. There are still things that need to we worked out and explained before Nick's Dark Hunter book but I'm glad she's started to work that in and look forward to seeing how it plays out.

Infamous was a little slow at the start but once it got going, I had a hard time putting it down. We go inside Nick's mind and sometimes it was funny and other times it was downright depressing. But no matter how the odds are stacked against him, Nick takes it all in stride and shows resilience and an unquestionable goodness in him that I love. This book also has solid supporting cast that works great along side Nick. There's Caleb, his demon bodyguard who's starting to think of Nick as more than an assignment, and Kody, another bodyguard and his new girlfriend who's a bit of a mystery, plus familiar faces like Acheron, Kyrian and the Peltiers. The first book is still my favorite in this series but there were improvements over the previous book and it left me excited waiting for Inferno, which will be released in March of next year.
- Stephanie
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