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Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
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Mar 09, 2012

it was amazing
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I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little bitch.

I got more than halfway through this I'm pretty sure, and it was good. It was really fantastic. I loved the humor and the character depth and I loved that I wasn't reading from the point of view of a spoiled rotten white girl. This book has everything going for it, and it's not the books fault this was DNF for me.

I'm just a little bitch

There was a reason I lost motivation to finish. (view spoiler)
Brennan seems like a clever unconventional writer who's ready to fuck shit up and differentiate from the typical YA PRN Romance cliches. Which is great. I admire that. I think she's a fantastic writer and the kind of creative mind the genre needs to save it from being a bunch of bullshit.

but thats the thing. I like the bullshit. I like fluffy happy ending books that don't make sense.

So yes, this book is exceptionally good for it's genre and has potential to be an addicting series. But I just have shit taste.

Please read this series so I don't have to.
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08/25/2013 page 2
08/28/2013 page 29
7.0% "I really like Jared and Kami's relationship. It's not sappy or life-devouring, but you can definitely feel the connection and their dependence on each other."
08/28/2013 page 48
12.0% "Kami keeps mentioning his "American accent" and I'm trying to hear the accent in my head but then I remember, oh wait, I'm American.

08/29/2013 page 75
20.0% "I am becoming way too invested in this. To the point here I'm whisper-squealing aloud and changing positions every ten seconds."
08/29/2013 page 78
21.0% "Say yes, Kami. Jesus christ, please say yes. even if it's a reluctant yes.

I don't care if you think things are moving too fast, I ship it so hard."
08/29/2013 page 78
21.0% "Say yes, Kami. Jesus christ, please say yes. even if it's a reluctant yes.

I don't care if you think things are moving too fast, I ship it so hard."
08/29/2013 page 92
24.0% "*screams of agony echo throughout the land*
08/29/2013 page 102
27.0% ""It's easy to get a little lost, wander about," Kami said. "Who knows what you might stumble upon!"
"Kami," said Jared. "I can read your mind."
"Well, that won't hold up in court. That sounds crazy."

someone save me from this book it's eating my heart"
08/29/2013 page 137
37.0% "At this point, I'm seriously worried that Jared and Kami aren't meant to be canon. I mean, in any other YA book, it would be absolutely laughable for the two main male and female characters to not end up together, but Brennan seems to be shredding every cliche there is ATM..."
08/29/2013 page 138
37.0% "I caved in and looked at the last page. Now I'm like 150% sure I will be extremely disappointed with the ending..." 5 comments
08/30/2013 page 142
38.0% "Literally the only other person I could possibly ship Kami with is Rusty. I don't like Ash at all, and all the other guys don't have any relevance to the story. (Yes I know there are much more important things to a book (especially one this good) than who're the main couple but seriously this is bothering me and i'm losing sleep over it. (it's 6:30 am and i haven't slept yet))"
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