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The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
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Oct 04, 2012

it was amazing
Read in October, 2012

** spoiler alert ** This is book 3 of the Heroes of Olympus series.
Annabeth, Jason, Piper and Leo have arrived at Camp Jupiter to see Percy and to warn the Romans about the impending danger.
After some mistrust is dissolved, they camps grudgingly agree to get along and work together. Suddenly, Leo attacks the Roman camp and war between the Greeks and Romans is declared. It wasn’t Leo’s fault because he was possessed by an Eidolon.
While running from the Romans, they also are on a quest to stop Otis and Ephialtes, twin giants, from waking their mother Gaea.
As a side quest, Annabeth’s Mom Athena has lost her mind and she needs Annabeth to use the Mark of Athena to find something she has lost.
Their quest takes them past Narcissus and Echo, Bacchus, Keto and Phorcys (at the Atlanta aquarium). Hercules turns out to be an ego maniac and we left his island feeling sorry for Achelous who loses his horn. Chrysaor, the son of Medusa is a pirate in the Mediterranean, but they are able to defeat him also.
Once they arrive in Rome, they split up. Leo, Hazel and Frank find a stash of stuff belonging to Archimedes. While fighting the Eidolons again, Leo learns that he does care about people more than machines.
Jason, Piper and Percy help some murderous nymphs after nearly getting killed.
Annabeth follows the mark of Athena and find Arachne guarding the Athena Parthenos, a 40 foot statue of Athena that was once in the Parthenon.
After Bacchus helps the group defeat the giant twins and rescue Nico di Angelo, they go to find Annabeth. While taking the statue out of the cavern, she falls off of the cliff and Percy is able to grab her hand.
In true ‘you go, we go’ Backdraft passion, Percy and Annabeth fall to Tartarus. Nico says that he doesn’t sense their death, so I am now waiting another year to find out what happens.

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