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Noah by Elizabeth Reyes
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Mar 21, 2012

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This book was so...CUTE. Like, borderline make me cringe and shy away from the cute factor.

Veronica (Roni) has been squandering in her depression after losing her mother to cancer. She's gained weight, lost all social connections and if it were up to her, she'd spend everyday in fuzzy pajamas on the couch.

Noah is a 19 (almost 20)-year-old aspiring boxer and wants nothing more than to make a name for himself in the boxing community. When he's given a chance to prove himself, he jumps at the opportunity.

Noah becomes Veronica's trainer and while she's slowly starting to find herself again, circumstances lead to Noah renting a room in her now, very empty family home.

First, the tension between these two...was absolutely painful! They skirted around it so much that even half-way through the book I was screaming in my head "JUST DO IT ALREADY." I loved Noah's persistence. You can't help but admire someone, especially at his age, who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to fight tooth and nail to get it.

Second, I thought despite their 8 year age gap, the two of them were exactly what each other needed. Noah grew up in a foster system and aside from finding friends, all he wanted was a family. Roni was hurt in the past and is still mourning the loss of her mother, and more than anything (whether she'd admit to it or not) she needed someone to show that she was in fact worth loving.

Ok, down to the rating. While this story was nauseatingly adorable...I just couldn't get over the age difference. YES, I know, age is a number. But a high school party in your home?? You're bucking 30. Do you not realize that you because responsible for all of the minors, the second they came into your home? Sigh. Yes, he didn't really act 20, yes he did everything and more to prove he was an adult...but I just couldn't get passed it. Can we also note the school-boy jealousy?

After it all, I do have to admit that it was an entertaining read. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needed a heartfelt story fix.
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